What Kirby Smart had to say after Georgia beat Florida, 42-7

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Georgia Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart celebrates after his team's 42-7 win over Florida on Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A subdued but satiated UGA coach Kirby Smart spoke after Georgia’s 42-7 trouncing of Florida at EverBank Field on Saturday.

Smart and his Bulldogs ran their record to 8-0 and likely will be ranked No. 2 when the first college football playoff poll is released this upcoming week.

As expected, Smart wasn’t in a talkative mood about the college playoffs, but he did have plenty to say about his team’s defense, how his seniors finally got a win against Florida and the Bulldogs’ progress this season.

Here is a brief recap of his remarks:

On his team’s overall play

“We show glimpses of mistakes, but we show glimpses of promise.”

On the college playoff rankings

“I’m worried about South Carolina.”

On beating Florida

“It is special for our fan base who is starving for some success against Florida.”

On the UGA fans

“Thanks to all the fans who came out and stayed out to the end. … Our guys feel the difference when the crowd gets into it, and I just want to say thank you to Bulldog Nation.”

On the victory

“I thought we came out with a really good demeanor and a good attitude. Throughout the game, the kids had a really good focus. They were not distracted by the streak and those kinds of things. They focused on the task at hand and got it done.”

On the offense’s ability to move the ball

“It speaks to a few things — first, a great game plan by Jim Chaney. It was also a commitment from the offensive line. I think it surprised them early and we shocked them a little bit, so it was good to see that.”

On improvements needed

“Every possession is an opportunity to get better. Defensively, you have to tackle better. Offensively, it’s more about execution. We show them the things they do well. Then, we show them the things they did not do well.”

On the defense stopping UF after Jake Fromm’s interception

“Jake made a freshman mistake. The defense came out and held them, and I thought that was a turning point.”

On Lorenzo Carter’s play

“Yeah Lorenzo’s a talented player, he works really hard. And he continues to grow as a player and I don’t think his best has been reached yet. I think his best is ahead of him. And that’s the goal for all of us.”

On this win compared to his win as a player in 1997

“I think when you talk about you’re coaching and you’re wise, the players, you want to give back to them. That’s what it’s all about. And I don’t remember that one in ’97 much at all. This one is much more important to the senior class, who has bought in to our regime, and has bought in to the change in staff, and to have them get some success and rewards in this game I think is very positive.”

On red-zone issues last year vs. this year 

“I can’t tell you, that’s the proudest I’ve been. Because coach Tucker’s been just beating – and great defenses always have a goal-line stand. Great defenses always have a moment where they have a great goal-line stand. If you track our goal line, not red zone but goal line, we have not been very good on the goal-line. And he actually talked about it last night in the defensive meeting and he challenged them. He said you’re going to have an opportunity to have a goal-line stand. And I’ll be danged if they didn’t do it. And I thought that was a really big moment in the game, along with the turnover stop in the game. So I thought that the defense was resilient. But not pleased with the play at all.”

On why Jacob Eason played 

“No that was just so y’all wouldn’t ask me why Jacob didn’t play. So I thought I would hurry up and get him in before y’all asked. That’s all that was.”

On Georgia seniors getting the win vs. UF 


“I think it’s special for all the seniors. It’s special for our entire university. It’s special for our fan base, who is starving for some success against Florida. The past does not affect the present. And we know that. The most important thing for our team is to keep chopping wood and keep moving ahead, and as long as the seniors buy into that they’ll keep us leading into the right direction.”


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