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Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs face long-time rival Florida Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla.

Sound Off with Chip & Seth: ‘Georgia is on a revenge tour’

This week, Chip Towers and Seth Emerson have no shortage of topics in this week’s edition of “Sound Off” brought to you by Zaxby’s as Georgia gets ready to meet Florida in Jacksonville, Fla.

“There’s so much on the line, so many different story lines,” Chip says.

Speaking of lines, Georgia is a 14.5-point favorite. The Bulldogs (7-0) are No. 3 in the nation but have a long and short history of frustration against the Gators.

So much has been different this year for the better in Athens. “Georgia is on a revenge tour,” Seth says. “They’ve beaten everybody so far that beat them last year.”

Will that run continue Saturday?

“We hear from these Georgia fans all the time. They’re so paranoid, especially those that have been around for any period of time are especially paranoid,” Chip notes.

This time, it feels different.

“Florida’s got some talent. Feleipe Franks was a five-star quarterback. Maybe it starts to come together for him. Jim McElwain’s done it a couple times before. Georgia, maybe the bi-week stifled their momentum … crazy things happen. Then on Monday, I start seeing Jim McElwain talking about getting death threats … and his own school coming out with a statement that basically says, “Yeah, Jim couldn’t really back that up. It kind of gave me the air of, ‘Florida’s just not in a good place right now.'”

Florida, as usual, boasts a strong defense, which is likely the only chance the Gators have this weekend says Chip.

“They are still a very good defensive team, and I’m sure that’s what Kirby’s going to say. They’re still strong up front. They’re going to sell out like everybody else does to stop Georgia’s run game, because the winner of this game has always dominated the line of scrimmage. That’s been Florida to a ridiculous degree the last three years, so clearly that’s what Georgia has to do.”

Chip covered his first UGA-UF game in 1985.

“Florida was ranked number one. Georgia comes in with a 5-2 very young team, came and just put it on them. Beat them 24 to three with running the ball down their throats. Tim Worley, Keith Henderson both had real long touchdowns. I don’t think Rodney Hampton was on the scene just yet, but that was a perfect example. It’s worked both ways.”

There is plenty more covered, but you’ll have to watch to find out.

Thanks for watching, and we hope you will continue to tune in.

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