ATHENS — Georgia football players Natrez Patrick and Chauncey Rivers were arrested early Wednesday morning on misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession after admitting to smoking in a UGA parking garage after midnight.

Both are freshmen defensive players. Patrick, a linebacker, has played in seven games, mostly on special teams. Rivers, a defensive lineman, has played in two games this season.

Both were issued one charge of marijuana possession of one ounce or less.

According to the police report, two UGA policemen were patrolling the East Campus Village Parking Deck at 12:39 a.m. when they noticed a vehicle with its lights on, backed into a parking spot. They went to investigate.

“Due to the smoke inside the vehicle we had a hard time seeing the two individuals inside of the vehicle, later identified as Rivers and Patrick,” the report states.

The officer wrote that he noticed a “pile of loose tobacco” lying on the ground on the passenger side door. He knocked on the window and Rivers opened the door.

“When the door opened a cloud of smoke came out along with the strong odor of burnt marijuana,” the officer wrote.

The two players, after stepping out of the vehicle, admitted to having been smoking marijuana. Rivers’ eyes “looked glassy and blood shot,” the report stated.

A search of the car uncovered a “jam jar” stuck between the passenger seat and center console, where they found what was suspected to be a “bud” of green marijuana. More remnants of marijuana roaches and loose leaf tobacco was found in a PowerAde bottle.

The players were then placed in handcuffs and arrested.

“Due to the size of the individuals we decided to use two units to transport (them) for their comfort,” the report said.

Head coach Mark Richt issued a statement shortly before 8 a.m. announcing the players had been suspended for Saturday’s game against Kentucky.

“They made a very poor decision and I’m extremely disappointed,” Richt said. “They will be disciplined in an appropriate manner and hopefully have learned a valuable life lesson that will benefit them moving forward.”

Patrick was booked at 2:23 a.m. and released on $1,000 bond at 6:19, according to jail records. Rivers was arrested at 2:44 a.m. and was still incarcerated as of 7 a.m.

These are the first known arrests of a Georgia football player this year. Receiver Isaiah McKenzie was briefly investigated after a verbal altercation at a Chili’s in October but was not charged.

Georgia’s athletics department rules call for a one-game suspension for a first offense of the marijuana policy.