Uniform news: Georgia makes change for Florida game

The last time Georgia wore white jerseys against Florida was also the last time it beat the Gators.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Whether it’s an effort to end a losing streak, just a comfort thing, or something else, Georgia is making a change for this year’s game against Florida.

Georgia will not be wearing red jerseys, as it has the previous three years against Florida, which wore its blue jerseys those years. The Bulldogs are instead going back to wearing white.

“Georgia will wear white tops for this game as the away team,” UGA team spokesman Claude Felton said in an e-mail. “We are not wearing the home game tops as we have the last couple of years.”

And so ends, at least for this year, an appear to re-start a tradition: Georgia and Florida had each worn their home jerseys for years last century before going away from it. Then the athletic directors of each school decided prior to the 2014 game to go with the red vs. blue.

Florida won that 2014 game, and the next two.

Felton said it was a “joint decision by both schools.” It wasn’t clear when the decision was made.

Last week, during the bye, Georgia’s offense was wearing red, an indication the red jerseys would be worn in the game. But this week the offense went to white, prompting a reporter’s question to UGA, which confirmed the change.

Georgia last wore white jerseys in 2013, when it was officially the visitor, and defeated the Gators in that game, 23-20. Georgia also beat the Gators while wearing the road white jerseys in 2011, the start of a three-game winning streak for the Bulldogs.


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