WHAT THEY SAID: ‘We are a team that knows what adversity feels like and looks like, so we have to expect it every time we step on the field.’

UGA defensive tackle Sterling Bailey celebrates with Georgia fans after beating Georgia Tech 13-7 on Saturday.

Following the 13-7 win over Georgia Tech, here’s what the Bulldogs had to say:

“It was a great victory. I’m proud of our players, first and foremost. It was a great team effort. Our coaches did a wonderful job. Our fan base showed up in big numbers.”

-coach Mark Richt’s opening statement

“It was basically the same play in which we were hitting out the fullback out in the flat. That’s the one you hope pops there when you’re geared to stop the run….Apparently they jumped the fullback in the flat and he got open. It was a huge play, not doubt. But it’s a relatively safe play. You don’t want to get too crazy. It was a great call and good execution.”

-Richt on the play to begin final possession from the Georgia 7-yard line

“I’m not aggravated at all. I’m happy. Any victory is a great victory, especially when it’s your in-state rival. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to watch it. I’ll probably be a college football fan tonight and watch other coaches sweat it out. I can’t get frustrated with what happened. I can only be happy that we won and be proud of our guys, not just today, but over the last month. It’s been pretty neat.”

-Richt on dominating several statistical categories but only coming up with a 6-point victory

“We came up short of our goal to get to Atlanta and try to go beyond. We all know that. That’s the standard here, to win the SEC. But when you also look at a team that was in the position we were in, everybody came together. It certainly could have gone one way or the other. It was that moment of truth where you ask, ‘what are you going to do? Lay down and die or lock arms and get after it?’ And they did.”

-Richt on the regular season as a whole

“It was a great call and there was great blocking. The hole was there and there wasn’t much I had to do. It was a great play call.”

-tailback Sony Michel on his touchdown run

“This team keeps fighting. We are to keep fighting and finish the drill. That’s one of our slogans and we are going to stick to it.”

-Michel on the team winning four-straight games

“We had some ups and downs and fought through a lot of adversity. We are a team that knows what adversity feels like and looks like, so we have to expect it every time we step on the field.”

-Michel on the season.

“It had some twists and turns. This was the first season that I missed a game due to an injury. It was a great ride with my friends and my teammates and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

-Linebacker Jordan Jenkins on the season

“We saw how the previous season wen where the offense had to bail us out of some games, and we wanted to be a defense that didn’t have to rely on the offense to help us win. We wanted to carry our own load and alleviate some pressure from the offense, and I think we did that at times throughout the season.”

-Jenkins on the defense

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