Will Nick Saban’s ‘secret weapon’ follow Kirby Smart to UGA?

Alabama coach Nick Saban

There was so much Kirby Smart fever on Tuesday night that this might have gotten overlooked:

Nick Saban’s “secret weapon,” Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran, is expected to join Smart at UGA, according to al.com’s John Talty.

Most college fans don’t really care about strength and conditioning coaches, but Cochran is not your normal strength and conditioning coach. He has been on Alabama’s staff since 2007, and Saban feels like he’s vital enough to his own success to pay him a salary of $420,000, per al.com.

Why so much cash? Cochran is considered a game-changer when it comes to maximizing a player’s physical development.

Here’s one description of Cochran’s vital role: “He’s much more than a strength and conditioning coach—he’s also part cheerleader, part drill sergeant, part psychologist, part motivational guru, part dominatrix, part doctor (he has a degree in kinesiology), and definitely part comedian,” per the Bleacher Report.

Don’t believe the hype? Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions:

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