Top 10 moments of 2017 Georgia football season

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Kirby Smart celebrates with Georgia fans after their win at Notre Dame on Sept. 9, one of the top moments of the 2017 season.

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The top 10 moments of the 2017 Georgia football season

We could spend hours nitpicking every bad call and missed opportunity in the National Championship Game. And I’m sure folks at this site and others will do just that in the coming days, if that’s what you’re looking for. But as I work to process this loss and put the 2017 season into perspective along with the rest of you, I’m trying to focus on the positives.

This was a remarkable season. It was the most fun I’ve ever had watching the Dawgs. So in an effort to properly memorialize one of the greatest UGA football’s greatest seasons before we move into the offseason, here are my 10 favorite moments of the 2017, listed chronologically. Let me know your favorite moments of the year down in the comments.

Jake Fromm’s first TD drive — There was a brief moment following Jacob Eason’s injury in the opener against Appalachian State when we all considered the possibility of the season going up in flames. Then Fromm stepped in and put our fears to rest. On his first full drive after subbing in for Eason, Fromm completed 2 passes for 41 yards while driving the Dawgs to their first touchdown of the season, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The Notre Dame celebration — So much has happened since last offseason that it’s easy to forget the hype leading into the trip to South Bend. At the time, we thought the season hinged on the game, and it turned out we were probably right. So the celebration after Davin Bellamy’s strip-sack was one of the biggest I’ve seen from Dawgs fans in years at the time, only to be eclipsed by the bigger moments to come in 2017. But this was really the moment that won me over to Kirby Smart. For the first time since showing up in Athens, he dropped the Saban clone schtick and showed some emotion.

The flea-flicker vs. Mississippi State — A lot of moments ended up more memorable than this one, but it might actually be my favorite. As I wrote at the time, it was the moment I realized Georgia football had changed for the better.

Shutting out Tennessee — The 41-0 victory over the Vols at Neyland was one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever watched. Georgia got revenge for the Hail Mary at Sanford the year before and then some. It was a statement game and signal to the rest of the SEC East that they were in big, big trouble.

Overtime at the Rose Bowl — From the moment Lorenzo Carter got a hand on Oklahoma’s attempted field goal in the second overtime, you knew Georgia was going to win the Rose Bowl. Then Michel went out there and promptly finished it off. Of all the moments I’ll remember from the season, the pure joy that was felt after Michel scampered into the end zone is what will stay with me longest.

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Just getting started

If you’re still feeling down about the National Championship Game, this post by Will Leitch at Sports On Earth should help you see the bright side. It helped me.

I know that to have that game end like that, with Tagovailoa pulling off a head fake that so few NFL quarterbacks can be trusted to make that you can count them on one hand, feels like the end of the story. You will hear the naysayers, the malcontents, the fatalists: Same old Georgia. Breaking our hearts in the big one again.

But it wasn’t the same old Georgia, and don’t pretend you don’t know it. This was not a team falling short in the big game. This was just a fantastic game between two fantastic teams that only one of them could win. This was still a Dream Season. It is the prologue.

If you need more to you get over the loss, check out this post from Senator Blutarksy of Get The Picture. I also tried to take stock of the silver linings in this post for Flagpole.

Bottom line: This ain’t an end. It’s a beginning.

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