Brian Schottenheimer came to Athens for a reason. The son of the legendary former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer and the former pupil of Steve Spurrier thought he would have been a head coach himself by now, but that never happened. Even with the pedigree and the training, the fact is Schottenheimer just was not good enough as an NFL assistant to warrant a promotion. So off he headed to UGA not so much to be the savior, but to have his own career aspirations saved and prove he is worthy of following his dad into the family business and actually become a head coach.

To accomplish this, all Schottenheimer needs to do is to distinguish himself at UGA as someone who is better than the rather meager statistics his offenses produced over the last eight years as an NFL offensive coordinator.

How could that most easily be done?

Enter Greyson Lambert, who like Schottenheimer also came to Athens for a reason. The former highly-regarded high school prospect who was so promising that he was recruited by Nick Saban before ultimately landing at Virginia had to have thought at one point he was headed for stardom. Yet even with the perfect build and proper look, the fact is Lambert was so disappointing in college that he warranted a demotion to the bench in Charlottesville. So off Lambert headed to UGA to prove he is capable of fulfilling the expectations that once were attached to him and actually become a successful quarterback.

And now Schottenheimer and Lambert are linked together in their pursuit of a reputation reboot, with each hoping the other can be the catalyst that provides it.

Saturday night against South Carolina made the arrangement between Schottenheimer and Lambert seem like an almost-perfect partnership. It remains to be seen if that performance was just a brief glimpse of what might have been for the two or a preview of what is yet to come. But if more successes for this pair do follow, what happens then?

This will be the point when the two connecting stories finally part ways. Lambert will have found a home in Athens, and Schottenheimer will be free to start looking for one again. The longtime assistant that has already interviewed for at least two head coaching jobs and was rumored to have interest in at least two more over the last decade will be an attractive name on the market once again because of the newest line on his resume. And this time he will probably get one of those head coaching positions he covets so much because he would be able to say, “Did you see what I did with Greyson Lambert?”

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