WATCH: Nick Chubb plays dodgeball at Camp Sunshine

RUTLEDGE — As they do every year, Georgia football players visited Camp Sunshine, a camp for kids with cancer. And as they do every year, they engaged in a dodgeball game with the campers.

At first Nick Chubb, Georgia’s star tailback coming off knee surgery, took things tentatively. And he didn’t try to dunk a basketball, which he did last year when he was here.

But eventually Chubb got pretty seriously into the dodgeball game, spending a good deal of time with a new friend. In fact as the game went on, Chubb and his friend were two of the last remaining.

Chubb was not wearing any knee brace or wrapping, and had no visible limitations. At one point he briefly went sprawling as he dove to avoid a ball, but stopped his fall and got up like nothing happened. That part wasn’t caught on video.

But you can watch video above of Chubb’s dodgeball appearance, as well as another one below.

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