UGA agreed to pay Ludacris $65,000 to perform prior to G-Day, and provided an interesting list of items for his room, according to a contract that was signed two days prior to the event.

Ludacris performed for about 15 minutes at Sanford Stadium last Saturday, leading off a rousing G-Day that drew at least 93,000, an SEC spring game record.

The Atlanta-based rapper reached out to UGA last Wednesday, a day after athletics director Greg McGarity went public that the school had been unable to book a pregame musical act. Ludacris’ contract was provided on Tuesday after an Open Records request.

UGA also agreed to a standard hospitality rider in the contract, which provided dinner (season grilled chicken breast, plus sides) to “at least 10 people,” or $40 per person in cash up front. It’s not clear which option UGA ultimately provided.

The contract also called on UGA to provide a dozen white towels.

“Must be clean; NO OLD TOWELS,” the contract stipulates.

Finally, there was a list of 42 items that UGA agreed to provide for Ludacris’ room. The items ranged from food (a loaf of whole grain bread) to supplies (batteries), wine (one bottle of red and one white), toiletries (a bar of soap) and a box of condoms (Trojan magnum brand).