HOOVER, Ala. – Georgia’s sports information staff, when it put together its media guide, had a delicate decision to make: Put Nick Chubb on the front cover, the back cover, or not at all? It made what seems the obvious call:

Print three different covers.

The result: Georgia’s star tailback is in fact on the cover of one of Georgia’s media guides. He was one of nine players the sports information staff (possibly in consultation with the coaching staff) elected to put on the cover of the three guides. Chubb was also on the back cover of one of the other guides.

New head coach Kirby Smart is on the cover of each of the guides, and newly-collared mascot Uga X is on each back cover.

Hard copies of the media guides aren’t available yet, and the SEC is only passing out digital copies – and that one does not include Chubb on the front. Instead it has Sony Michel, Quincy Mauger and Isaiah Wynn. 

But Claude Felton, UGA’s sports information guru, helpfully sent out a breakdown of who’s on the front and back cover of each guide:

Cover #1 Front: Dominick Sanders, Brandon Kublanow, Brendan Douglas Back: Nick Chubb, Lorenzo Carter, Greg Pyke

Cover #2 Front: Nick Chubb, Greg Pyke, Lorenzo Carter Back: Brendan Douglas, Sony Michel, Quincy Mauger, Chuks Amaechi

Cover #3 Front: Quincy Mauger, Sony Michel, Isaiah Wynn Back: Brandon Kublanow, Dominick Sanders, Ryne Rankin

Just to be clear, we’re jesting (a bit) about Chubb’s status being why they printed three different covers. It’s not clear whether UGA has printed different covers in the past and it just hasn’t been noticed; we’ve sent Felton a follow-up e-mail asking that question, because this is hard-hitting journalism we’re doing here, people.

By the way, the coming indoor facility is on the second page (the inside flap of the media guide).

As for Chubb, inside the media guide, here’s how the injured tailback’s status is written:

“Chubb, who rolled up 747 yards and seven touchdowns before his injury,has been a model of diligence during his rehabilitation process. Still, no one can accurately predict his availability for 2016 at this early stage.”

Here’s the cover of the one media guide the SEC included in its pass-out to the media in Hoover: