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Georgia 2022 DT prospect Aaron Bryant shared this edit from Georgia football on his social media account. (Aaron Bryant/Twitter)
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Aaron Bryant: The 2022 target that already slobbers like a Bulldog

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info. That’s what the Intel brings. This is about 2022 DT prospect Aaron Bryant out of Mississippi. The very much under-the-radar prospect on the board for this cycle says he feels like a priority to the Bulldogs right now.

The interview was ending and 2022 DT prospect Aaron Bryant had handled himself deftly. He was articulate, joyful and kind in every response.

That’s probably the expectation for the son of a pastor in any interview setting.

A throwaway question was tossed in. Why? Because those are sometimes the best.

Bryant’s response detailed how much Georgia hit a recent edit out the park. We’re not sure if vintage Barry Bonds on a Red Bull bender could’ve hit it harder.

“It was the one they did today,” Bryant said of that edit this week. “That’s my favorite one. That’s what I am saying here. The way that they make me feel. Nobody has ever thought to do that. I mean, I didn’t even tell them my favorite [bible] verse or anything. I just have it in my [Twitter] bio. So I guess they saw that and saw they can make an edit like this.”

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Aaron Bryant rates as a 3-star DT and as the nation's No. 39 prospect at his position on the 247Sports Composite ratings. He's ranked as the nation's No. 436 overall prospect. Bryant should be seen as a much more skilled prospect than that given his offers from Alabama, Georgia and Texas. (Aaron Bryant/Twitter)
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Aaron Bryant: Why Romans 8:28 means so much

That verse offers hope. Bryant’s recruiting story reflects that given where he is at now. He’s scheduled officials to Georgia, Texas and Texas A&M in June. Alabama is also lurking.

During his first two years of high school, Bryant played on the offensive line due to need. He reported just one offer from Liberty at the end of his junior season.

Then his junior tape dropped in January. The twist was it was his first year on the defensive line.

When he did, major Power 5 offers came like skips from a 7-year-old boy. The 6-foot-4, 300-pound rising senior will never forget that New Testament verse.

“It gives you hope when you are not doing well,” he said. “When you are down bad and not doing well you can always remember that all things work out together for those that love the Lord.”

Georgia just took the time to make that one right.

“They knocked that one out of the park for sure,” Bryant said of that edit.

It sounds like Georgia has hit about 50 other dingers with Bryant. Let’s try to cover the ones where the tape measure needed more tape.

Bryant’s name doesn’t show up on any mock class lists. He’s not even seen as a “top target” for DawgNation on its elite lists that come out every week to reflect an understanding of the board.

That probably needs to change. Bryant will in town on an official visit for that first weekend in June.

He doesn’t have a public leader, but can’t help but let out slivers of how the Bulldogs stand out. Georgia has been and is “making him feel like a priority” right now, he said.

Georgia also recruits his family the best. He also understands why Georgia has the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class right now on the 247Sports Team Composite rankings.

“It is not surprising they have the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class now,” Bryant said. “If they are recruiting every other kid like they are recruiting me, that doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people are picking them.”

What does the future 2022 midyear enrollee like the best about Georgia?

“It is definitely the way they make me feel as a prospect,” Bryant said. “They make me feel special.”

His tape dropped on January 11, 2021. Ole Miss became his second offer two weeks later. Bryant was blessed to have received four more SEC offers in that next month, including Alabama and Georgia.

When Georgia defensive line coach Tray Scott offered him back on Feb. 25, it was memorable. The first thing Scott did was when he said he needed to speak to his coach first.

“Coach Scott is like that,” Bryant said “He said he wanted to do things the old-fashioned way.”

Scott’s first few words to him included a line akin to this: “How come I haven’t heard of you and have not been talking to you yet?”

“He even said ‘Wow I wish we could have found you earlier and I could have been talking to you earlier and he said ‘I hope it is not too late’ and he said all of that,” Bryant said.

It was just about two months ago. From what it sounds like, that offer did not come too late.

“No, they did not,” Bryant said. “Even if they did offer me too late, they came hard so they definitely deserve to be looked at.”

Georgia 2022 DT prospect Aaron Bryant shared this edit from Georgia football on his social media account. (Aaron Bryant/Twitter)
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

Aaron Bryant: Why he’s already called a Bulldog

Aaron Bryant is already called a Bulldog. Really. He even shared the story behind that.

“Some of my teammates awhile ago used to call me a ‘Bulldog’ because I had this mouthpiece that is a breathable mouthpiece,” he said. “So when I wear it, I slobber a lot. When I wear my mouthpiece because it has a hole in it, I slobber a lot.”

Bryant wants to be a business major in college. He has a local tie to Georgia All-American LB candidate Nakobe Dean. His Southhaven (Southaven, Miss.) program is about five miles away from where Dean played at Horn Lakes in Mississippi.

Dean, the former HS Butkus Award winner, is a legend in that area. The former state champion was rated as the nation’s No. 1 ILB prospect in the class of 2019. Bryant’s brother also played basketball with Dean.

“He’s a real good guy from what I know,” Bryant said. “So if Georgia was good enough for him, then I really have to think about that opportunity for myself, too.”

He said he “really just wanted to see Georgia first” in June. That powers the timing of his official visit.

“Coach Scott is really just a great guy,” Bryant said. “That’s why Georgia has had the success in the recruiting classes they have had the last few years. The relationships are just different. Everybody has recruited me very well, but Georgia has done in my opinion the best job.”

He speaks highly of the entire staff. That goes from the assistants to the recruiting staff in touch with him every day. He even said Kirby Smart is so much funnier on Zooms than he ever seemed he’d be during his interviews on TV.

“They send me interesting facts about the school from a business school aspect and then the fun facts about the university and stuff, too,” Bryant said. “They are always pumping information to me every single day.”

When you check out his film, it is easy to see how much Bryant loves the game.

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Aaron Bryant: How two other Texas schools earned official visits

Bryant has spoken to a lot of coaches. Of those, there are only a few staffs that do not make him feel pressured.

Georgia is one of those. Yet so are Texas and Texas A&M.

“Texas is the place,” Bryant said. “I didn’t grow up in Texas, but my Dad is from there. He lived there for a minute after he graduated from college. I’ve been to Texas a lot because my sister lives there.”

He calls Texas “a second home” he’s so familiar with that area.

“Coach [Steve] Sarkisian and coach [Bo] Davis are really doing really good things down there,” Bryant said. “I think that can do really great things in the future.”

Texas A&M is in the mix because they have been “really real” in their communication.

“There’s something different about them when I talk to them compared to almost everyone else,” Bryant said. “There are a few other schools which are like that, too. They stood out because their system is great. The people are great. The virtual visit was great.”

He doesn’t have a set timeline. When he gets that “this is the one feeling” in his gut, he will make the move. Bryant would sure like to take all three of his official visits, but he’s not sold to any idea.

He could even be a silent commitment after finding the right one.

What is he looking for with his decision?

“Really just a family environment for me,” Bryant said. “Like somewhere that when I go down there, I feel like I will get a really good education and I will graduate from somewhere with a degree that is going to mean something.”


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