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Cole Speer of Calhoun High School.
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Cole Speer: ‘If I had a dream school growing up, it would have to be Georgia’

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about the latest offer extended by UGA to in-state WR Cole Speer in the class of 2022.


There comes a moment in every conversation with a prospect about their lives up to this point and their journey when things should drift into an entirely unique conversation.

With new Georgia WR offer Cole Speer, there were several moments like that.

It was not just the fact he has perfect attendance so far through 11 years of school. Or that his older brother also had perfect attendance, too. (Although that certainly says a lot about the mentality of the Speer family.)

It wasn’t even the 4.45 and 4.49 laser times he clocked this summer in the 40. Or the fact he can bench press 305 pounds as a 6-foot-receiver at a hard-working Calhoun High weight training program.

When the 185-pound senior described his day at UGA yesterday, it meant a great deal. The class of 2022 wideout picked up a long-sought offer from the Bulldogs.

Perhaps the most memorable item was when the unrated recruit shared what it was like putting on a black Georgia jersey for the first time.

“It was the first time I ever put it on and man I tell you what,” Speer started off.

“Well, I mean here it is right here what happened yesterday,” Speer said. “I’d have to say if anywhere was my dream school, it would say it would have to be Georgia.”

He later clarified that there “was no doubt” his dream school would be Georgia.


“I’ve been in Georgia my whole life,” he said. “I grew up in little ol’ Calhoun and all I’ve known is Georgia football. I mean I grew up watching football. I’ve known nothing else besides it.”

He goes off his gut a lot. Speer clearly trusts it. What does his gut tell him now about the fit to the University of Georgia program?

Speer paused for about the time it takes him to run a “9″ route before that answer.

“Every single staff member at Georgia and I mean even if they are not a coach, they make you feel like nothing else I have ever been around,” he said. “Just the people that are around there. It’s nothing like any other place I’ve even been to. Or seen. Or even heard of. It is one of a kind I think. They have a special thing going.”

“I think that’s what separates them from anywhere else. I’m not talking about just my offers or anything. I’m talking about anybody that could offer me or anything. That’s probably my favorite thing about Georgia.”

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Cole Speer: A few key things to note

Georgia now becomes a top school for Speer. NC State has also been in the picture, but they have yet to extend an offer. East Carolina and Memphis are also receiving consideration. They’ve been recruiting him since June to come up and take a visit.

Army, East Carolina, Jacksonville State, Mercer, Memphis, Richmond and now UGA have all offered this summer.

That said, he’s not in a hurry to use that 4.4 speed to make a commitment.

“If I’m being honest, I like to go with a gut feeling,” he said. “I don’t like to be pushed or to make a decision based on another person’s feeling or opinion. I think when the time is right, it will be whenever I feel the most comfortable about all of that with my family and everything.”

“When I do, that’s when I will make the decision.”

Speer said he’s yet to take any officials visits yet.

“I’d still like to experience that before I commit somewhere,” he said. “But whatever happens happens.”

He will not enroll early. Speer plans to run track in the spring semester of 2022. He hopes to improve on the 10.9 electronic times he clocked in the 100 meters as a freshman. COVID-19 wiped out his sophomore year of track and this past spring was cut short by a pesky hamstring.

Georgia offered him to play the slot receiver position. Speer feels he earned the offer from Hankton and offensive coordinator Todd Monken and Kirby Smart back in June when he camped in Athens.

He’s been called “Spearboy” and “Speedster” by his peers, but we’d like to tweak the term to “Speerster” for this young man.

That’s because he makes plays. Speer said his favorite thing in the game to do is to take a short route on a screen and hit it upfield. He had 59 catches for 1,159 yards and 11 touchdowns as a junior.

That translates to a gaudy 19.6 yards per catch average for his Yellow Jackets.

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Calhoun's Cole Speer now has a very big offer to consider from UGA.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

Cole Speer: Why UGA extended that offer

Speer’s story will sound and feel like Ladd McConkey for the Bulldogs in the 2020 cycle. McConkey played for a rival of Calhoun High. He was an extremely late WR offer in January of 2020.

Speer’s older brother played against McConkey in football, but he did also race him in track in high school.

But McConkey was only about 160 pounds in high school as a senior. He might have the quicks on Speer at this stage in their careers, but the top-end speed and overall frame would have to go to Speer.

McConkey is just six feet and 185 pounds on his Georgia roster page. That’s after being in Scott Sinclair’s weight room and at the UGA training tables since June of 2020.

“I got to see him yesterday at Georgia and talked to him for a little while I was there,” Speer said. “He’s a great kid. Great guy. Really similar to me and loves to work hard.”

When Georgia offered, Speer said he was moved by the gesture from the coaching staff.

“It was just one of those things in life where you are speechless there for a minute,” Speer said. “I showed my appreciation and gratitude toward [Smart] and he showed it towards me obviously. It was really a great moment.”

Speer was on a mission this summer to earn a big offer like the one from UGA. He’s not big on social media and he missed the showcase camps after his freshman and sophomore years.

“That set me back a little bit but as soon as June hit here I tried to take every chance I got,” Speer said.

He camped at a lot of schools around the South. Big schools. Small schools. Everywhere in between.

“Georgia really liked me in June,” Speer said. “Their whole staff is great. Hankton. Monken. Smart. I think they had to think about it and stuff. I think Monken texted or called me like two days before a private workout deal. He had never seen my tape. He saw it and said he wanted to get me up there as soon as possible. I think three days later I got up there and did what I had to do.”

He said he was having so much fun on Saturday in Athens he forgot for a few hours he picked up the offer. Georgia offered him about an hour after he arrived on Saturday.

Then it was off to water guns, water balloons and then slip-and-slide relay races.

When it was all over, Smart said something that will stick with him for a long time.

“Kirby Smart actually told me personally that he loves me as a player and as a person,” Speer said. “He loves my character and my hard work and he can see me as a sticking stone to their team one day. They need players that will stay, work hard and be diligent.”

Cole Speer said that Kirby Smart was very impressed by his work ethic and his character as he extended an offer to come to play for the Bulldogs in Athens.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation


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