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North Carolina OL prospect David Sanders Jr. is one of the most promising young prospects one will ever see. He's an imposing LT in the class of 2025. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

David Sanders Jr: The 2025 ‘Unicorn’ OT prospect who is already earning ‘best ever’ accolades

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep introduces DawgNation to 2025 OT David Sanders Jr. at Providence School in Charlotte. When he gets his initial rankings, he will have five stars by his name.


CHARLOTTE, NC -- That smiling face above belongs to perhaps the best young prospect I’ve ever seen live. That list of comparables includes three future No. 1 overall NFL Draft picks, a trio of Heisman Trophy winners and dozens of future first-rounders while they were in high school.

David Sanders Jr. is the best rising sophomore prospect I’ve laid eyes on.

Georgia has recruited a lot of 5-stars. Nobody has looked or moved quite like the 6-foot-6-plus Sanders before their sophomore season. The magnitude of that statement is not lost on this author.

Former 5-star Amarius Mims fits the physical profile but didn’t have the polish at tackle at that stage. His first season of high school ball was spent as a blocking tight end.

The first time Georgia co-defensive coordinator Will Muschamp saw Sanders at a Providence Day practice, he was there to see major targets in the 2023 and 2024 classes.

Muschamp came away with enough film on Sanders to make Ken Burns or James Cameron blush.

“Muschamp said this is a 6-foot-6-plus kid and he’s a 15-year-old kid with size-18 shoes,” Providence Day coach Chad Grier said. “He said ‘he is 6-foot-6 and moves like this already should be a baby giraffe but he’s far from it’ and he said that for so many reasons. David played tight end on our 7-on-7 team. Not just because he was a body. He was high-pointing balls and had a perfect seam shot he caught over his shoulder. He’s just a great athlete.”

The scouting opinion on Sanders is nothing radical. The Freshman All-American honors and the All-American Game invites have already poured in for him.

It’s hard to recall the last time I was this impressed by a prospect at an initial practice visit. Sanders was wearing a pair of Georgia gloves. The ‘Dawgs are all over him. He’s gleefully appreciative of the early offer.

The trip to Providence Day in Charlotte was necessary to watch 4-star CB Chris Peal (2023) and 5-star QB Jadyn Davis (2024) work out.

Those two looked the part. Sanders was the bonus. It was hard not to stay locked in on the 2025 kid. Kind of like Muschamp’s giraffe at the zoo. Always standing out.

“He’s the best prospect I’ve ever coached,” Providence Day coach Chad Grier said. “I can’t say he’s the best player I’ve ever coached yet. He’s played a game and a half. But potentially, he’s given me no reason to doubt this here, he’s the best pure prospect I’ve coached.”

“He’s just a unicorn. I’ve never seen one like him. It’s not just the physical attributes. He’s obviously long and incredibly athletic. But he’s got everything you want as a player in your locker room. To represent you after the game is over on Friday night. To represent you after his career is over. He’s just a million-dollar kid.”

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