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4-star DL prospect Hero Kanu has been. named to the All-American Bowl out in Texas. (Courtesy photo)
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Hero Kanu: Will Georgia further the discovery of college football’s next great DT?

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This entry hopes to share a definitive read on 4-star All-American official visitor Hero Kanu from Germany.


Hero Kanu was discovered by Brandon Collier. It feels right to construct that line at the beginning of this narrative.

Heroes. Continents. Explorers. Football. Recruiting. Wow.

We’ve arrived at a unique storyline this weekend where a former soccer player from Germany is taking his final official visit to UGA for the Missouri game.

It was the visit weekend in which Georgia wanted to host him. The Bulldogs were the first team to schedule their official this fall. They wanted this bye weekend for his high school team.

That’s how the noon kickoff will not wreck his official visit with that cross-country flight. Team Kanu will be arriving in Athens tonight in the early wee hours from California.

Collier found him at a private workout in Germany approximately 2.5 years ago. Kanu, a former European footballer, is now a 4-star DT in American high school football.

Due to the pandemic delaying the 2020 season in California, he didn’t even play his first organized game of American football until March of 2021.

It was cold when he left Germany. When he arrived in California, it was 110 degrees.

“That was the worst thing and the hardest early practices I have ever had,” Kanu said. “As soon as I stepped on the turf in the beginning in the first two days of practice, it was the hardest thing to adjust.”

It took him two to three weeks to get used to practicing in such heat.

Kanu, a sure pick for the All-Name team if there ever was one, is flying over tonight. Judith Kanu, his mother, still lives in Germany.

She’s been visiting him stateside for the last few weeks in order to evaluate Kanu’s official visits. Oklahoma. Notre Dame. Ohio State. The last official visit will go to Georgia.

With Kanu, the thing here is not to focus on what a prospect draped with an All-American’s laurels can already do on a football field. He is already quite formidable.

The 6 feet and 5 inches of a defensive lineman’s frame. Coupled with 293 pounds that somehow looks like he still needs to eat a sandwich or two before his next game. His teammates already call him “Baby Suh” as a nod to the NFL All-Pro and future Hall of Famer Ndamukong Suh.

There’s the reality of how much better he can get that dominates the current evaluation.

If this German import is already an All-American with not even two seasons of football under his belt, what can he be with one to two seasons of grind in a Larry Johnson or a Tray Scott room?

There’s the quickness and footwork that stand out. Not to mention the power he generates when he attacks a block or the ball carrier.

“Coach Scott likes that I play hard,” Kanu said. “You can teach a guy to play with great technique but not great heart all the time. It is a mental thing. That’s one thing he said that he can’t teach. He also just likes the overall athleticism that I showed.”

Kanu just celebrated his 17th birthday in September, too. He could easily be a 2023 prospect.

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