This Sentell’s Intel rep on Georgia football recruiting has the latest with the expected guests who have confirmed they will be in Athens for G-Day this weekend.

Red team. Black team. The Georgia Bulldogs will put the ball down on Saturday and let the world see the 15th and final spring practice for the nation’s top college football program.

There will be recruits in the west end zone bleachers when that happens. But that also means the cameras will be trained on those talented prospects as they file down the stands onto Dooley Field to watch the current Bulldogs warm up.

The 5-star tally might be a little less than in previous G-Days, but there will still be some impactful guests.

Let’s take a look at the recruits that DawgNation has been able to confirm will make it to Dooley Field to see the first appearance of the 2024 Georgia football team.

20255-star Justus Terry (Manchester, GA)No. 2 DT/ No. 8 overallUSC commit
20255-star Elyiss Williams (Kingsland, GA)No. 1 TE / No. 20UGA commit
20255-star Dijon Lee Jr. (Mission Viejo, CA)No. 5 CB / No. 24Undecided
20254-star Eric Winters (Enterprise, AL)No. 8 S / No. 80Undecided
20254-star Travis Smith Jr. (Atlanta, GA)No. 13 WR / No. 114Undecided
20254-star Darren Ikinnagbon (Hillside, NJ)No. 13 DL / No. 155Undecided
20254-star Mason Short (Evans, GA)No. 8 IOL / No. 178UGA commit
20254-star Ethan Barbour (Milton, GA)No. 7 TE / No. 180UGA commit
20265-star Jared Curtis (Nashville, TN)No. 1 QB / No. 9UGA commit
20265-star Ekene Ogboko (Garner, NC)No. 3 OT/ No. 15Undecided
20264-star Leo Delaney (Charlotte, NC)No. 2 IOL/ No. 51Undecided
20264-star Nassir McCoy (Buford, GA)No. 22 S/No. 239Undecided
2027Unranked David Jacobs Jr. (Roswell, GA)UnrankedUndecided

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Sentell’s Intel: The big takeaways from the 2024 G-Day guest list

Let’s chop up this list differently than with previous gameday visit list posts.

Most important visitor: 5-star DL Justus Terry

  • Since his abrupt flip to USC earlier this year, the ‘Dawgs have been in chase mode in a recruiting race they should feel they can still win. And should win. If Terry comes in on Friday and sticks around for the game on Saturday, that will be another big plus.

The commitment that will be hardest to hold onto down the stretch: 5-star TE commit Elyiss Williams

  • Georgia is known for its defensive prowess. That’s what Todd Hartley has been doing on the recruiting trail here with Williams. Trying to protect that commitment. Miami, among others, has been coming after the nation’s No. 1 TE. This visit is important to solidify the good feelings Williams has always had about being in Athens and playing for Hartley. It is also helpful that the other TE in Georgia’s class (Ethan Barbour) is in town. Georgia needs this to be a great weekend.

The most intriguing G-Day guest in my book: 5-star 2026 OT Ekene Ogboko

  • We began to hear a lot about Ogboko when his older brother Nnamdi committed to UGA in the 2024 cycle. The family story behind these two is fascinating. Ekene is already bigger than his brother on the height chart. The 6-foot-6 rising junior OT is already up to 285 pounds. He’s already seen as the nation’s No. 3 OT for 2026.

Best peer recruiter on hand: 4-star TE Ethan Barbour

  • That’s Barbour. Easy. The UGA commit will get the nod here for every home game he attends this season. Barbour even has a contest with current RB commit Bo Walker to see how many recruits they can help steer or pull to commit to the G.

Who’s the big-time QB target? 5-star Jared Curtis

  • It wouldn’t be a G-Day without a prospect who quickens the pulse about the future of Mike Bobo’s room. Thankfully, the ‘Dawgs have already locked up the nation’s No. 1 QB for 2026 in Curtis. The Nashville-area resident has shut down his recruiting. Bobo has a real ace in the hole here. Curtis’s mom, Barbara, absolutely loves the ‘Dawgs and it was her dream all along to see him at UGA.

The most important position group at G-Day: EDGE

  • OLBs “Wolfpack” coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe welcomes two players in 2025 4-star Darren Ikinnagbon and 2027 future 5-star (and UGA legacy) David Jacobs Jr. whom they would LOVE to see become ‘Dawgs one day. The Bulldogs went heavy at that spot in the 2023 cycle (three All-Americans) and had trouble recruiting elite targets in 2024. This class will beef up that room. Class of 2026 5-star EDGE Jordan Carter was initially reported to also be at G-Day on Saturday, but he told me this week that he will not make it up this weekend.

Don’t forget him: 4-star WR Travis Smith Jr.

  • This specific visit, like the one from Ikinnagbon, has been planned for a long time. Smith’s importance in the potential WR group in this class can not be understated.

Momentum recruits: Ikinnagbon, Lee, McCoy and Smith

  • These are the recruits Georgia seems to be trending for. The ‘Dawgs are in a strong position for these targets and a great G-Day visit with an enthusiastic crowd and good vibes from the staff can set the hook for bigger things to come. It is a little too early to put Jacobs here as a 2027 recruit, but that could quickly become the case here sooner rather than later.

The one recruit that UGA is in a real battle for: Winters

  • The nation’s No. 8 safety could be a linebacker for UGA if he chose the ‘Dawgs. That said, the Bulldogs will have a real fight ahead to pry the athletic Alabama native away from home state Auburn.

Be on the lookout to see: Georgia’s 2024 signees who have yet to enroll

  • UGA early enrolled 22 members of their 2024 high school class back in January, but there were still six future ‘Dawgs who had to finish their full senior years. Expect to see 4-star DL Justin Greene and 4-star OL Marcus Harrison in Athens this weekend.

Don’t get your hopes up: A surprise visit from 5-star QB Julian “Ju Ju” Lewis

  • While I’m sure that would be the G-day recruiting headline folks want to see, that is not likely. I’ve been told Lewis and his family are not planning any college visits for this weekend.

Best possible outcome for this weekend’s visits: Georgia just being Georgia

There’s no “93KDay” or a call to action from Kirby Smart to fill the stands. Georgia just needs to be Georgia this weekend. That’s showing all these recruits why more “Natties” are on the way and why all of the national college football media considers Smart to be the top coach in the sport and for the ‘Dawgs to have the nation’s top program. Here’s the recipe for a great outcome this weekend:

1) Terry realizes that his flip to USC was abrupt and realizes why he can’t wait to be a ‘Dawg again. It doesn’t have to be an immediate move, but the seeds of a future change get planted.

2) Georgia solidifies the commitment of Williams on the trip.

3) The ‘Dawgs have two or three other big names on this realize without a doubt there’s no place they’d rather play college football than for Smart in front of that Sanford Stadium crowd. That doesn’t have to be an immediate decision, but we’ve heard a lot of top targets in the past share how they already knew that UGA was the move when they were at G-Day.

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