NIL chatter, Lane Kiffin wisecracks put Jimbo Fisher in tizzy, Nick Saban, Kirby Smart weigh in

MOBILE, Ala. — Jimbo Fisher lashed out at rival SEC coaches propagating the notion that Texas A&M boosters have set up a multi-million dollar NIL fund to aid the Aggies’ recruiting.

“There is no $30 million fund, there is no $5 million, there is no $10 million,” Fisher said at his signing day press conference after finalizing the school’s first No. 1-ranked signing class on the heels of an 8-4 season.

“This is garbage, OK? It pisses me off.”

“We don’t have the same funding and resources as some of these schools do to do these NIL deals,” Kiffin said in a story. “It’s basically like dealing with different salary caps. We now have a sport that has completely different salary caps and some of these schools are five or 10 times more than everybody else of what they can pay these players. I know nobody uses those phrases, but that is what it is.

" I joked the other day that I didn’t know if Texas A&M was going to incur a luxury tax in how much they paid for their signing class.”

Fisher was not amused.

“I know how some of those guys recruit, too,” Fisher said. “Go dig into that. I know the history, I know the tradition and I know things. Trust me. You don’t want to go down that avenue.

“It’s ridiculous and it’s irresponsible. It’s unbelievable. And I ain’t just talking about one. Multiple people got NIL issues… The hypocrisy is an absolute joke.”

If Texas A&M boosters do indeed have a NIL fund in place, neither Fisher nor the Aggies’ athletic department could be affiliated or associated by rule.

It was Fisher who famously said on the SEC Network in December that, “There’s always been NIL stuff going on, it just wasn’t legal.”

Alabama coach Nick Saban, however, said at a Tuesday night event at the Senior Bowl that his program has never been involved in such illegal activity.

“I hear these crazy people on TV who say now you’re doing it above board — we never did it,” Saban said. “We never cheated to get a player. We never paid players to come to our school.”

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