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Elijah Holyfield will look to a carry a bigger load for Georgia this year.

Why Georgia fans shouldn’t worry about who the starting running back is

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Does it matter who Georgia starts at running back?

When the Detroit Pistons where contending for championships and toppling the Shaq and Kobe Lakers, they always used to run the same play to open every game. It was a post-up for Ben Wallace. For those who might not remember, Wallace was a Hall of Fame worthy defender, as he made five All-NBA teams and made four all-star appearances thanks to his ability to rebound and block shots. But his offense wasn’t great, as he never averaged more than 9.7 points per game.

But nevertheless, Detroit ran Ben Wallace post-up after Ben Wallace post-up as a way to keep him engaged and happy. They knew in winning time Wallace likely wasn’t going to be asked to create his own shot. But in the first play of game? Well it’s just fine.

I say all of that because of what D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield said to the media on Tuesday night. The far most interesting comment was made by Holyfield, who told reporters “As a competitive player, yes, I always like to be the first one on the field.”

There’s nothing wrong with Holyfield being on honest and saying he wants to start and get the first carry. Of course he does. What competitor doesn’t? And while that might not be the preferred choice for most Georgia fans given that D’Andre Swift is poised for a big season, sharing the load is just fine with Swift.

“I believe we compliment each other real well, two different types of backs, but in a great system,” Swift said. “He does stuff differently, I do stuff differently, kind of like Nick and Sony.”

Holyfield added that he believed that the coaching staff would figure out a way to best use all of Georgia’s running backs. Most great coaches tend to be able to do just that. And while Ben Wallace post-ups might seem unconventional, when you’re winning championships, it is hard to doubt the results.

“Our coaches will figure it out and we’ll find a way to make it work. Coach (Dell) McGee does a great job with teaching all of us,” Holyfield said.

Both Holyfield and Swift are incredibly talented as are Brian Herrien and James Cook. Balancing carries is nothing new for Georgia, and given all the options it has, it likely won’t be an issue again.

Pls Oregon, let’s not use the word Hotlanta

On Tuesday, it was announced that Georgia will open the 2022 season in Atlanta when it takes on Oregon as part of the Chick-fil-A kickoff series. This is exciting news for Georgia fans, as it’s a lot more fun to look forward to a game against a marquee opponent than it when you open with an FCS foe.

The Oregon social media team celebrated the announcement by posting a mock group text to Twitter. In it, a number of future Oregon non-conference opponents were featured including Auburn and Ohio State. In it, Georgia was also introduced. But Oregon made a terrible mistake. In the text chain, it referred to Atlanta as Hotlanta.

You know who refers to Atlanta as Hotlanta? Not a single person in the state of Georgia. It’s not funny or cool. Please Oregon, never use it again, or your 2022 visit will be even more unpleasant.

Which road trip would be the most fun?

On the news of the Oregon game, and the possibilty of a Texas-Georgia home-and-home, Georgia fans are going to get to see some great teams and locations in the coming years. Austin, along with Athens, is on the very short list of the best college towns in the country and should the game end up happening it would be a real treat for Georgia fans, much like Notre Dame was a season ago.

And with that in mind, it got me thinking. Which school would you most like to schedule a home-and-home with? Georgia already has one lined up with UCLA, so there wouldn’t be much of a need to schedule one with USC. In my opinion, these would be the five schools I would most want to see Georgia schedule a home-and-home with. I’m also taking Texas off the list, given that it seems like that could happen.

5. Florida State
4. Washington
3. Boston College
2. Miami(But only if Mark Richt is still coaching)
1. Wisconsin

Some quick thoughts: I know Florida is  a big-time opponent for Georgia but given Florida State’s proximity to those in Southwest Georgia and the fact that the two teams have only met once since 1965 it would be cool to see these two go head-to-head. As for Washington and Boston College, they’d be long trips for some, but spending a weekend in Boston and Seattle would be a very cool experience for many.

As for Miami, it likely won’t happen as long as Richt is there but I would be fascinated by what kind of reception Richt would receive when he returned to Athens. Lastly with, Wisconsin at No. 1, Madison and Austin are the two towns most often mentioned alongside Athens as the best college town in America. The winner of the Georgia-Wisconsin series should get the title belt for America’s best college town, much like LSU and Clemson are playing for the title of the real Death Valley.

Mark you calendars for Thursday

As the season inches closer, let’s not forget that Thursday you will have the chance to hang out with the DawgNation team and hear them discuss all things Georgia for the 2018 season.

Brandon Adams, Jeff Sentell, Chip Towers and Mike Griffith will all be at the Kroger on Bethelview Road in Cumming, Ga., next Thursday, Aug. 23 from 6-8 p.m. to preview the upcoming season. Come hang out and chat with the DawgNation experts, as they’ll also talk off air about everything Georgia Football.

Come out and have a drink at KroBar and talk Georgia football with the experts. We’ll have a 30 minute show live-streamed on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Then afterwards we’ll have a live Q&A with all of our experts to get all the ins and outs on Georgia football and recruiting for this upcoming season.

The physical address for the Kroger is 2325 Bethelview Rd, Cumming, GA 30040. We hope to see you there in promises to be a great way to kickoff this Georgia football season.

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