ATHENS — When Jared Wilson arrived at Georgia, he had mostly played tackle. His only experience snapping a football came during his offseason workouts.

So naturally, the Bulldogs envisioned moving him to center while he adjusted to life in the SEC.

“Coming into here, especially when you’re thinking about mike points and linebackers and d-linemen, the last thing I think about is snapping the ball,” Wilson said when speaking to reporters. “When I first started moving to center my snaps were all over the place. I was being cussed out left and right, but taking it day by day and working on the little things day by day.”

Wilson has made progress with his snaps, as he’s now Georgia’s backup center. Learning from Sedrick Van Pran has helped him greatly.

Wilson will likely be tasked with replacing Van Pran next season as Georgia’s starting center. And the redshirt sophomore hopes to carry over the many things Van Pran has taught him.

“It has helped me so much. A three-year starter in the SEC, that means a lot,” Wilson said of Van Pran. “He’s a guy that comes in, works hard every day. He’s a leader. I call him the captain of the ship. He runs it. He tries to run it the best way he can. He’s been a big help for me.”

While Wilson won’t be seeing the field ahead of Van Pran, Georgia has begun to get Wilson some much-needed seasoning. He’s also been practicing at guard for Georgia this season as well.

And he’s been making some real strides there.

“Honestly, when I’m in at center and then moving to guard, your feet get a little wonky,” Wilson said. “But other than that, I think I’m doing pretty good. But moving from left guard to right guard and then to center, it’s not really a big thing but you’ve got to think about it though.”

Wilson’s ability to play multiple positions has undoubtedly made him an asset for the Georgia offensive line. He’s not the only Georgia offensive lineman who can play a variety of positions, as Austin Blaske can as well.

Last week saw Wilson enter the game against Ball State in the first half at right guard. Georgia has played Wilson, Dylan Fairchild and Micah Morris in the first half of the first two games of the season. Tate Ratledge and Xavier Truss are firmly entrenched as starters, but Georgia is hoping to learn what it has in some of its younger offensive linemen.

Wilson has impressed head coach Kirby Smart so far with said opportunity.

“Well he’s dependable, he’s accountable. He plays really hard, he’s smart, he’s in great shape,” Smart said. “We want to have depth at those positions so you want to have two guards that can swing and a center that can play. He earns what he gets and he’s earned it.”

So long as Van Pran is in Athens, Wilson will still have time to work on his snapping skills. If everything goes well, Wilson gets to show off his progress next year for Georgia.

For 2023 though, Wilson is able to contribute to Georgia’s offensive line thanks to his versatility, athleticism and work ethic.

“Effort is something you’ve got to have. You’ve got to want to put in effort,” Wilson said. “Nobody can make you do it. Putting in the effort to do something, you have to do it yourself.”

Jared Wilson ready to help Georgia offensive line