ATHENS — Georgia didn’t have its ‘A’ game at G-Day, but the Bulldogs certainly showed they have plenty of playmakers on offense.

The Black Team and Red Team tied, 20-20, at Sanford Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The score didn’t matter as much as the style points, as coaches looked to evaluate their players’ performances in this, the final practice of the spring session.

Here are three takeaways from the G-Day Game:

Carson Beck upside

Beck’s 25-of-46, 301-yard, 2 TD, 2 interception passing afternoon didn’t look good on paper but was much better in reality.

Beck looked extremely sharp at times, particularly when working with returning receivers Dominic Lovett, Rara Thomas and Dillon Bell, and finding tailback Trevor Etienne on shorter routes.

Beck’s interceptions were the results of outstanding plays by defenders in the first half, as Mykel Williams tipped a pass and intercepted it, and C.J. Allen made a diving grab on a throw over the middle.

UGA sideline reporter D.J. Shockley said Beck told him the offense was “so vanilla, the defense had seen everything four, five, six or 10 times, so they know what we’re doing out of certain formations.”

That might have had something to do with Beck having four passes tipped -- something the 6-foot-4 quarterback rarely has issues with.

Beck was 14-of-26 passing for 169 yards in the first half before re-entering on the final snap of the third quarter.

Beck looked much better upon re-entering the game, showing championship skills in moving the team downfield for a touchdown with 27 seconds remaining, finding the reliable Lovett for the game-tying touchdown in the corner of the end zone.

RB explosion

Etienne’s stat line was modest with 4 carries for 24 yards and 3 catches for 33 yards, but his burst was noticeable.

Etienne exploded up the middle for 18 yards on one impressive run, hitting the hole with suddenness and fighting off a tackler. The former Florida back broke another explosive run by breaking a tackle in the backfield, beating a defender to the corner and sprinting 17 yards upfield before the play was called back on account of a penalty.

Etienne has the look of a first-team All-conference back and could prove to be the most pivotal free agent in the league if the Bulldogs win the SEC as expected.

Roderick Robinson, the 240-pound “Thunder” to Etienne’s “Lightning,” looked every bit as hard to tackle as thought. A swarming defense kept his rush numbers in check, even as he carried tacklers, but Robinson reeled in 3 passes for 18 yards.

Andrew Paul was one of the bigger surprises, showing his speed early on with an impressive 16-yard run that saw him galloping away from pursuit before being hauled down. Paul also had a 25-yard run when given an opportunity to run behind the “Red” offensive line.

Reliable targets

Lovett was clearly Beck’s favorite target, hauling in 7 catches for 104 yards, often in traffic or in coverage. Lovett might lack the burst for the deep ball, but sideline-to-sideline he looks like UGA’s best, tough and physical enough to break tackles in traffic.

Thomas showed he has taken a positive step with 4 catches for 58 yards, including a 39-yard grab from Beck on the game-tying drive.

Colbie Young, the 6-foot-4 transfer from Miami, showed his jump ball abilities with 2-yard TD catch from Beck. Young also showed the chops to catch the ball over the middle, however, a sign he’ll be an every-down receiver.

Dillon Bell was limited to 2 catches for 22 yards, but the 17-yard connection between Beck and Bell on the opening drive was the sort that wins championships.