ATHENS — This Georgia football team can only go as far as Heisman Trophy co-favorite Carson Beck takes them, but Kirby Smart added a qualifier on Tuesday.

“Your offense can only be as aggressive as the players around him,” Smart said alluding to the Bulldogs’ makeover at the skill positions.

“It’s not all on the quarterback … his strengths are his ability to navigate the pocket, to make throws, to change plays and to pus us in the right play … and to use the weapons around him.”

But who are those weapons now that All-American Brock Bowers is no longer running open on every play (when healthy) and Ladd McConkey is no longer creating explosive plays on the perimeter?

The Bulldogs are replacing three of their top four pass catchers from last season and top two rushers.

Georgia held its first full scrimmage last Saturday, and Smart shared some details.

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Forcing the issue

Georgia added three transfer receivers in the offseason with hopes of beefing up Beck’s wideout arsenal: Colbie Young (Miami), Michael Jackson lll (USC) and London Humphreys (Vanderbilt).

“It’s a work in progress; It’s not where it needs to be,” Smart said of Beck’s chemistry with the newer players in the receiving group.

“I would say that he’s really comfortable with the guys he’s thrown to the most, and we’re trying to force the issue with the guys he hasn’t.”

Smart Dominic Lovett and Rara Thomas, last year’s offseason acquisitions from Missouri and Mississippi State, are ahead of the three new receivers are at.

That includes celebrated Miami transfer Colbie Young, who Smart said “has had some really great, spectacular plays,” but also “disappeared at times,” still needing to learn the offense.

Loving Lovett

Lovett is the team’s leading returning receiver, and the odds are he’ll continue to be a go-to guy based on Smart’s comments.

“He’s so much more confident in the offense, I think Carson has a lot of confidence in him,” Smart said. “They’re on the same wave length. There’s been some days that Dom’s been really dominant out there. You could say, ‘Is that because Tykee and Bull (Bullard) aren’t out there covering him so he’s making more plays? Or is that just Dom’s more comfortable in the offense and he’s winning at a higher rate?’

“He’s had a good spring. He’s got more confidence, and he’s playing with confidence.”

Speedster Smith

Arian Smith is the fastest player on the team, and maybe the nation, but that hasn’t translated to consistency on the football field.

That may be changing, as Smart confirmed Arian Smith did indeed have a long catch early in the scrimmage.

Smart noted there was a bust on the play, but he also pointed out the investment that’s gone into Smith this offseason.

“I think we’ve made an effort to spend more time on developing Arian,” Smart said. “He’s had some plays; I think he’d be the first to tell you he wishes he had back. Intermediate routes and deep routes, and then he’s had some big plays too.

“I’m pleased with where Arian is. I hope he keeps getting better and keeps rolling in trying to be an explosive playmaker for us.”

Bell ringer

Dillon Bell had an impressive touchdown catch in the scrimmage, which the head coach said was one of many “great catches all over the place” from Bell.

But even Bell has work to do.

“The kid’s worked his tail off at receiver to get better, but there’s a lot of route running things he can get better at,” Smart said of Bell. “The good thing is he’s got a quarterback the caliber of Carson to utilize his strengths, get him throws, get him 50-50 balls.

“I’m proud of the way he leads in practices. He’s taken on a lot more of that Rosemy, Ladd role of being the guy that’s the workhorse in the group that never complains, is really physical, practices hard and sets a standard for others.”

Running Rod

Tailback Roderick Robinson -- the 240-pound tailback with 7 percent body fat -- accounted for some chunk yardage running the football with the offensive line providing lanes through the first level of the defense.

But Smart also noted that he thought “Rod had a lot more yards left out there than he had — we didn’t have one explosive run the entire scrimmage.”

Part of that is on Robinson’s ability/inability to run through tackles or make people miss, but there’s also perimeter blocking involved.

“If you don’t have explosive runs, you’re either not blocking downfield well or you’re not making people miss and that’s been an M.O. for us,” Smart said. “Last year it was kind of the same way.”