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Georgia 2023 NFL Combine leaders vs. numbers of elite Bulldogs of the past

INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL Combine has turned into its own television event, full of hype and sensationalism that might lead some to believe entire draft profiles were flipped.

Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

NFL franchises have invested millions of dollars into researching the players over the course of at least their past two seasons.

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A day in shorts and T-shirts isn’t going to make as much difference as some might imagine.

That’s not to say there weren’t some eye-opening performances and impressive numbers put up, because Georgia had more than a few.

But the football film doesn’t lie, and the interviews and medical evaluations behind the scenes carry just as much weight — and in some cases, much more — than those few tenths of a second that separate running backs or safeties.

All that said, there remains a fascination with who is the biggest, strongest, fastest and most explosive.

Rather than be held hostage as “prisoners of the moment” of the most recent Georgia football performances at an NFL Combine, better to put the 2023 numbers into full context.

Here’s a look at how some of the 2023 Georgia players at the NFL combine compared with some of the most elite Bulldogs at their positions over the past 20 years:

QB Stetson Bennett (5-11, 192)

4.67 40-yard dash

33.5-inch vertical jump

118-inch broad jump

2006 QB D.J. Shockley (6-1, 214)

4.56 40-yard dash

37.5-inch vertical jump

121-inch broad jump

2009 QB Matthew Stafford (6-2, 225)

4.81 40-yard dash

30.5-inch vertical jump

107-inch broad jump

TE Darnell Washington (6.6.5, 264)

4.64 40-yard dash

31-inch vertical jump

122-inch broad jump

2006 TE Leonard Pope (6-8, 258)

4.62 40-yard dash

37.5-inch vertical jump

118-inch broad jump

2004 TE Benjamin Watson (6-3, 258)

4.50 40-yard dash

35.5-inch vertical jump

123-inch broad jump

OLB Nolan Smith (6-2, 238)

4.39 40-yard dash

41.5-inch vertical jump

128-inch broad jump

2003 OLB Boss Bailey (6-3, 233)

4.58 40-yard dash

42-inch vertical jump

135-inch broad jump

2016 OLB Leonard Floyd (6-6, 244 )

4.60 40-yard dash

39.5-inch vertical

127-inch broad jump

Broderick Jones (6-5, 311)

4.97 40-yard dash

30-inch vertical jump

108-inch broad jump

2020 Andrew Thomas (6-5, 315)

5.22 40-yard dash

30.5-inch vertical jump

109-inch broad jump

2003 Jon Stinchcomb (6-5, 302)

4.99 40-yard dash

35-inch vertical jump

115-inch broad jump

Kelee Ringo (6-2, 207)

4.36-second 40-yard dash

33.5-inch vertical jump

122-inch broad jump

2021 Tyson Campbell (6-1, 193)

4.37-second 40-yard dash

34.5-inch vertical jump

124-inch broad jump

2021 Eric Stokes (6-0, 194)

4.25-second 40-yard dash

38.5-inch vertical jump

128-inch broad jump

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