2021 in-state ‘monster’ OT Micah Morris has a seriously bright future up ahead

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Class of 2021 OT prospect Micah Morris is a huge name to know in Georgia for that cycle.

Micah Morris is still just 15 years old. The 6-foot-4 standout from Camden County already weighs 318 pounds, moves like a cat and rates as the nation’s No. 9 OT and No. 46 overall prospect for 247Sports.

That is pretty impressive considering his resume is already sprinkled with stuff like:

  • The Class of 2021 prospect got big-time offers from Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, FSU, Miami, Ohio State in 2018.
  • Most of those came two full years and three seasons ahead of his senior year in 2020.
  • MaxPreps.com Sophomore All-American for 2018
  • Made the “Final 5” for the OL at the Atlanta Opening regional. Morris was dominant at times and held his own in three reps with 5-star weak-side DE prospect Myles Murphy. He even took a win in one of those reps.
  • When he did, he accomplished a life-long goal.

Morris might be the best young offensive tackle I’ve seen that really doesn’t know how to play offensive tackle yet.

That’s not a back-handed compliment. It should definitely not be seen as that. It is more of a this-guy-is-already-this-good-and-hasn’t-scratched-his-potential yet with that.

While watching him work, it was clear to the reporter pool that at times he will basically just mirror the moves of the defensive end with his feet. He was quick enough to stay with those guys and basically just maintain inside leverage.

He’s just a puppy. Albeit a very gifted and strong puppy at that. He already has a clear opinion about the Bulldogs.

“UGA is a great school,” he said at the Atlanta Opening after wearing a pair of UGA gloves. “Great facility. I love the coaches. The whole community seems to be getting them boosted up. Every year it seems like they are getting closer and closer [to a title.]”

The ceiling that this young man has. He might not even be able to reach it with his 84-inch wingspan.

Go ahead. Those headshakes are allowed. He was doing all of this at that size when he was barely 15 years old.

“I need to improve in everything,” he said. “I can’t just sit down and be complacent. Because the moment I stop is the moment everyone else keeps working.”

Micah Morris is just 15 years old. But he has already embraced the fact he still has a lot to improve upon despite a very long list of big-time offers. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

What a former NFL All-Pro thinks of Micah Morris right now

Former NFL All-Pro Willie Anderson worked the camp that day. Anderson is one of the top OL trainers in the nation. He’s an excellent teacher, works well with kids and also has a superb playing resume. The 4-time Pro Bowler played 12 seasons in the NFL after a strong career at Auburn.

Micah Morris is the nation’s No. 9 OT for 2021 on the recent reranking for his class on 247Sports. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The No. 10 overall pick of the 1996 NFL Draft sees a lot to like in Morris.

“He did great but what I say out of him makes sense because he is a very young kid,” Anderson said. “His sets are like a very young guy’s sets. A lot of these kids don’t get that advanced teaching with pass protection here in high school football. It is very hard for their position coach to do that.”

The physical gifts cleared stood out.

“That kid is built like a monster,” Anderson said. “I’m sure that he faces nobody in his region pretty much that can stop anything he does. So versus the elite guys the technique flaws kind of show out where when they are facing the elite guys who rise up out as the best of the elite guys.”

“Once he gets going, you can just tell he will really be something special.”

Sam Pittman and Micah Morris: The recruiting stuff so far

Morris was at UGA recently for a basketball game. He plans to return often. The 4-star OT tried on a jersey, saw a basketball game and was impressed by the new locker room.

“I loved that visit,” Morris said. “That place is great.”

What does he like about Sam Pittman?

“His personality,” he said. “He’s a cool guy. He’s not just rah-rah-rah-argh. Just a cool guy. He will tell you what you are doing wrong and also what you are doing good. He’s just a great person.”

Micah Morris is still just a 2021 prospect. But he was clearly one of the best three offensive line prospects who competed at the Atlanta Opening regional. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

He just visited Auburn and said he “is taking all schools under consideration” at this time.

South Carolina was his first offer. He also saw the Gamecocks earlier this year.

“They are a great program,” he said. “There’s a big difference from two years ago to where they are now. The program is going in the right direction in all categories and areas.”

The 316-pound prospect is looking for a great fan base and a great education. He makes it clear that he knows the ball will run out of air for him eventually.

Morris shared a very clear timeline. Especially for a 15-year old.

“After this football season I will be committed,” he said.


“I just want to get everything done with so I can focus,” he said.

Morris recently made his commitment to the 2021 All-American Bowl out in Texas. He said there a couple of offers out there he would still hope to consider, including LSU and Southern California.



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