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Want to hear a few new stories about Amarius Mims today?

Amarius Mims: The tall tales that go beyond a Georgia boy’s 5-star ranking

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry brings a different kind of read on 5-star OT Amarius Mims of Bleckley County High School. 

There’s a lot to read about Amarius Mims on the internet. Especially on social media. Most of it anchors around a few key phrases. Or his top schools.

5-star. 6 feet and 8 inches tall. 320 pounds. No. 1 player in Georgia. No. 2 tackle in America. No. 6 player in the country for 2021.

For those that follow recruiting, those blurbs command attention. For those that follow football, they do little to convey how well he plays the game.

What type of player would he be if he was six inches shorter? What type of worker is he? How much does he want to win?

Recruiters are well served to seek those answers. Let’s use this space to define those about Mims.

What goes beyond a frame that only lacks a pair of purple pants to stand in as a non-CGI stunt double for The Hulk? As it turns out, a few more phrases identify him as well as that first collection.

Tougher than a stretch of new rope. Whatever it takes. Pleaser. More determined than a PTA meeting full of Karens. 

In honor of the young man getting within a month of his commitment day on Oct.14, we deem it timely to share a few stories from a reporter’s notebook on Mims.

“This is a kid who loves people,” one of his coaches recently said. “He has the best personality I’ve ever associated with a 5-star.”

Mims is shaped by his simple Middle Georgia roots.

“He has a personality where he doesn’t get too high,” that coach added. “He doesn’t get too low. He just likes people. He loves people. He doesn’t like to disappoint people. He wants to please you.”

This photo is uncanny. Amarius Mims simply towers over most of the starting offensive line at Bleckley County. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Amarius Mims: The first story you need to know 

Who knows a top offensive lineman better than anybody except his Momma? That is his position coach.

Bleckley County coach Ryan McKenzie also led the room for former Georgia signee D’Antne Demery when he was at Brunswick. It meant he coached current Georgia redshirt freshman Warren McClendon Jr. for multiple years, too. He also coached another All-American in Bulldog starter Trey Hill at Macon County.

He coaches Mims now. The man certainly has stories beginning with those first two quotes about Mims and his personality.

Blue-collar worker. Student of the game. The first one in and last to leave. Likes to be around his teammates. Likes his coaches. Maximum effort. Loyal. Dependable.

Please pardon the repeat visual. But Amarius Mims does a pretty good impression of a California Redwood on the football field. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

McKenzie has a story for each of those examples. But those would not be his best story.

“He was on his way to get that scholarship and before the first-round playoff game [last year] he breaks his wrist,” McKenzie said. “He looks at it and says whatever we have to do so I can play first round so I can be there for my brothers is what we’re going to do. Whatever we have to do, he says.”

McKenzie was thinking about his future.

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