UGA recruiting: Bulldogs legacy Tommy Tremble warming up to Athens

Tommy Tremble
TE Tommy Tremble has a number of schools on his list, including Georgia.

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Tommy Tremble “balled out” at Georgia’s camp last weekend. That was important to him. The recent transfer to Wesleyan in Norcross is a UGA legacy, but this was more about his game than the last name.

“I wanted to make sure the coaches knew why they offered me,” Tremble said.

He gave them a lot to see. The nation’s No. 20 tight end said he had one of his best camp performances.

The 6-foot-3, 218-pound player won most of his reps and also lined up at receiver. When he did, he beat those guys, too. Tremble said he even fared well lined up against prospects who already were committed to SEC schools.

“The only ball I didn’t catch was when the quarterback underthrew me by about 10 yards,” Tremble said.

No one is going to fault him for that one. Tremble said the visit was important in his process of feeling comfortable with Georgia. He’s a UGA legacy; his father, Greg, played safety from 1990-93.

He worked at tight end and then flexed out to rep with the receivers. That’s because the better quarterbacks at the camp were working with that group. He felt he showed Georgia something there.

Georgia also gave him something to think about, too. He’s got a lot of options, but he said, in a matter-of-fact manner, that he feels confident the Bulldogs will get an official visit in the fall.

That’s how well his unofficial visit to the 2017 Kirby Smart Camp went.

“It helped me a lot with Georgia,” Tremble said. “I honestly feel it helped a lot with all the input I got on Georgia and how I feel walking about their facilities and stuff. I feel like it really did have a pretty big impact on me.”

Where do the Bulldogs rate now in the big picture of his decision?

“With Georgia and the persistence they have shown me, I still feel they are up there with certain schools with the way they communicate with me and all that,” Tremble said. “They keep it real. That’s what I really like about how the coaches are. They are up there with some of the other schools like Tennessee, Notre Dame and Duke with the way they have kept it real with me. I don’t know. Just that visit helped Georgia boost a little bit more above of where they were. This visit really did help Georgia a lot.”

But he still makes this clear: Tremble hasn’t been to ascertain a top school or even a private leader in his decision yet.

Tommy Tremble breaks down his UGA camp visit 

His favorite part? He said that was the schooling he gave the defensive backs at the camp. Especially as a tight end. Tight ends coach Shane Beamer even confirmed that.

“He told me I was able to show him I was real baller that day,” Tremble said. “He said I could have probably gone against anybody at that camp and I would have schooled them.”

This visit allowed him to get cozier with UGA.

“I feel like everything just got better for me with this visit,” Tremble said. “Better relationship with the coaches. Being around the facility and stuff was really good in general. I was really glad I was able to make it out and show the coaches that I am not all hype. I was actually able to perform. It was really fun to be able to go up to Georgia and do really well to show them what I can really do.”

The visit allowed him to get cozy with the Bulldogs.

“I feel a lot better about Georgia,” he said. “Being able to talk to Kirby [Smart] again in person was really good. My dad and I and my little brother were hanging out with him and stuff. We ate lunch with him after the practice and we were just sort of chilling out.”

It was his first visit to UGA since the trip when he was offered back in early April. He describes Smart and being “very real” and “very genuine” and “personable.”

“There’s no spiel about recruiting at all to him,” Tremble said. “It just seems like you are talking to a friend. Not a coach who is trying to recruit you.”

The plans for both Tommy Tremble and UGA

Tremble said he plans to back up his decision. He’s not thinking about enrolling early at this time, so he’s going to be deliberate with his recruiting process. That means it won’t likely be an end-of-the-summer decision anymore.

“It is probably going to be mid-season or [the] beginning of the football season,” he said.

Tommy Tremble has the chance to play at Georgia. Just like his father Greg (left) did from 1990-1993. (Jeff Sentell/ DawgNation)

It only makes sense here. The young man is thinking of becoming a lawyer one day. He wants to vet things out. He brings up Cal, Duke, Notre Dame, Tennessee and UCLA among the top schools on his mind.

The 3-star prospect said he hopes to take a couple of official visits before he decides on his college choice. His summer schedule looks to include a trip to Tennessee for its “Orange Carpet” event and a Notre Dame visit.

Tremble also has a good grasp of what Georgia is looking for at tight end with the 2018 class.

“I know they are still looking for two tight ends this year with one being more of a traditional tight end,” Tremble said. “Traditional blocking tight end. Big body. Be able to stay on the line and block those defensive ends and stuff. But they are still looking for a hybrid tight end like what my friend Ben Bresnahan and I can do. For us to be able to stay on the line and move out and split out and be an H-back and be really mobile at receiver as well. They said one of each is what they are trying to get for this year.”

He said that he’s still trying to get to Alabama for a camp. Tremble usually has time conflicts with getting there for a proper evaluation. It just never seems to work out. The Tide always want to squeeze him in on a day after he’s already worn out on a weekend from other camps.

A little extra intel on Tommy Tremble

Tremble tweeted an edit that a fan made of his camp visit. The picture shows him with Smart. The Georgia head coach has his hand on his shoulder.

It makes one think: Just what is coach Smart saying there? Is he telling him about the light bill each month inside the indoor practice facility or what?

“He was talking to me there at the end of the camp,” Tremble said. “I remember him telling me that he saw me and how I was doing great in the 1-on-1s with the defensive backs and all that. He was telling me about how well I was doing at the camp and wanted to be sure to talk to me afterward.”

He also got the chance to see North Gwinnett 4-star OL Warren Ericson at UGA on the day he wound up committing to the Bulldogs.

“It was fun seeing my friend Warren the day I was there,” Tremble said. “I saw him like five minutes before I walked into Kirby’s office. I played with him in the eighth grade, and we’ve been friends. It was really cool to see him right before he committed and stuff. It was — I don’t know — just a good trip overall, seeing Kirby and talking to him really personally and then seeing Warren and then seeing him really happy with his commitment.”

If Tremble chooses Georgia, he has a jersey number already in mind. He wants to be on his own, but there’s just something different about that No. 24. Red also just happens to be his favorite color.

“I think that is only for the safeties and stuff but if they let me wear No. 24 like my Dad did there then, that would just be crazy,” he said. “That would be the dream.”


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