Report: Big Ten cancels football season, announcement pending per USA Today

The Big Ten has canceled its football season, per a Detroit Free Press report citing unnamed sources.

The Dan Patrick show had reported Monday morning that league presidents voted 12-2 to cancel the season, with Nebraska and Iowa the two schools that wanted to move forward.

Yahoo Sports had reported Saturday the Big Ten was considering canceling its season after the MAC shutdown.

A Detroit Free Press report followed, suggesting the Big Ten commissioner “preferred a spring football season” after the Midwest-based league announced it was was delaying the team’s move to padded practices.

All this, amid a foundation shaken by Pac-12 players’ threatening to sit out the season if their 50-percent revenue sharing plan is not met, and politicians at a standstill over COVID-19 liability protection.

The angst most college football fans began Monday with is proving warranted, with the Big Ten’s reported decision having a potential domino effect on the rest of college football.

The SEC and Pac-12 aren’t scheduled to begin play until Sept. 26, the ACC’s is Sept. 10 and the Big 12 is Sept. 5 as things stand.

The Big Ten, which was the first conference to announce its schedule plan back in July, was/is scheduled to open play on Sept. 3.

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