Smart on how expected addition impacts tailbacks

Nick Chubb made more progress than expected during spring practice.

SAVANNAH – Kirby Smart won’t be able to comment officially on Brian Herrien until sometime on Tuesday, when the tailback is expected to sign a scholarship offer from UGA.

But Georgia’s head coach could discuss whether developments of the past few days — that was the way it was obliquely put by a reporter — made Smart feel better about the tailback situation.

“Do I feel better? No, I don’t feel better at all,” Smart said during a media appearance before an event in Savannah.

And no, that’s not because Smart doesn’t think Herrien, the senior at New Manchester High School, isn’t good. That was just Smart pointing out there are still some things to worry about.

But Herrien will help.

“I don’t feel better until Nick Chubb is 100 percent healthy, and Sony (Michel) is out there,” Smart said. “We’re trying to do some things to help with the depth (signing Herrien) that we can’t talk about right now. But it just depends on how Chubb comes back, some eligibility concerns, and some guys trying to get qualified.”

Herrien’s addition won’t change the plans to use sophomore Shaquery Wilson at tailback, after Wilson played receiver last year.

“Shaquery wants to do that, we want him to do that,” Smart said. “And we’re going to need depth at that position. We’re trying to improve the depth at that position, on top of the fact that Shaquery is going to be there.”

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