By the numbers: How Georgia and Florida match up

Georgia's Reggie Davis tries to hold onto the ball while Florida's Vernon Hargraves goes for it during the 2014 game.

Yes, take a lot of this with the consideration that Florida no longer has quarterback Will Grier and Georgia no longer has tailback Nick Chubb. Still, it’s seven games in for each team, more than half the regular season, so it’s enough of a sample to at least offer some insight into how these teams line up.

Let’s break things down by when each team has the ball, followed by a look at the other factors (special teams and turnovers), and something that shouldn’t be overlooked: The quality of opponents, specifically the various offenses and defenses each team has played.

The hard numbers:


Georgia total offense: 45th (429.4 yards per game) Florida total defense: 18th (314.4)

Georgia pass offense: 77th (213.9) Florida pass defense: 42nd (197.9)

Georgia run offense: 22nd (215.57) Florida run defense: 21st (116.57)

Georgia sacks allowed: 14th (8 sacks allowed) Florida sacks: 19th (21 sacks)

Georgia red zone conversion: 92nd (80.8% score, 50% TD) Florida red zone defense: 71st (84.2% score, 47.3% TD)


Florida total offense: 85th (376.3) Georgia total defense: 15th (307.9)

Florida pass offense: 48th (249.6) Georgia pass defense: 26th (187.0)

Florida run offense: 108th (126.71) Georgia run defense: 25th (120.86)

Florida sacks allowed: 101st (20 sacks allowed) Georgia sacks: 82nd (13 sacks)

Florida red zone conversion: 70th (83% score, 67.4% TDs) Georgia red zone defense: 14th (73.7% score, 52.6% TDs)


Florida turnovers lost: 5 (two fumbles, three interceptions) Georgia takeaways: 10 (four fumbles, six interceptions)

Georgia turnovers lost: 9 (four fumbles, five interceptions) Florida takeaways: 14 (seven fumbles, seven interceptions)

Florida punting: 18th nationally (44.33 per punt) Georgia punt returns: 16th nationally (14.55 per return)

Georgia punting: 96th nationally (39.53 per punt) Florida punt returns: 29th (12.53 per return)

Florida kickoffs: 6th (64.31 per kickoff) Georgia kickoff returns: 125th (15.55 per return)

Georgia kickoffs: 60th (62.34 per kickoff) Florida kickoff returns: 100th (19.0 per return)


Note: This does not include Georgia’s game against Southern, as it’s an FCS team.

Average rank of Georgia’s offensive opponents: 88.5 (361.68 yards per game)

The highest-ranked offense Georgia has faced is Alabama, which is 49th. Three of Georgia’s opponents are in the bottom 30 nationally: South Carolina (98th), Louisiana-Monroe (120th) and Missouri (127th).

Average rank of Georgia’s seven defensive opponents: 52.6 (359.7 yards per game)

Three of Georgia’s opponents rank in the top 25 nationally: Alabama (6th), Missouri (10th) and Vanderbilt (22nd.) The other three FBS defenses Georgia has faced are all in the bottom third: Tennessee (81st), South Carolina (86th) and Louisiana-Monroe (111th).

Average rank of Florida’s seven offensive opponents: 60.14 (411.29 yards per game)

Florida has faced three top-50 offenses: Ole Miss (12th), LSU (27th) and East Carolina (47th).

Average rank of Florida’s seven defensive opponents: 61.3 (389.3 yards per game)

Florida has faced three top-end defenses: Missouri (10th), LSU (20th) and Ole Miss (31st). But the rest all rank in the bottom half: Kentucky (77th), Tennessee (81st), East Carolina (84th) and New Mexico State (126th).

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