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Georgia football coach Kirby Smart has won back-to-back titles at Georgia.

Imagining Georgia football players, coaches and rivals as possible Game of Thrones characters

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Imagining Georgia football in a Game of Thrones universe

The final season of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday. Sadly, the college football season is still months away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of and think up how some of those in the Georgia football universe compare to characters in Game of Thrones.

Obviously, not everyone has seen the show. I highly recommend watching it, as it’s the best show of the decade and really great television. But if you don’t want to see it, that’s fine too!

Below, we’ve reimagined some of the players, coaches and rivals in the Georgia football universe as Game of Thrones characters. As a warning, there are spoilers on key plot details. If you’ve haven’t seen all seven seasons, proceed with caution:

Kirby Smart — Daenerys Targaryen

The Georgia head coach could be a number of characters but Targaryen feels like the best fit. They’ve both grown over time to become well-respected rulers. But there have been some missteps, as Daenerys saw her husband and one of her dragons die. Smart meanwhile has seen his team lose close games to Alabama in back-to-back years.

Heading into the final season of the show, Daenerys feels like the best bet to be the one who ends up on the Iron Throne. She’s also been mentioned as “The Prince That Was Promised.”  Smart seems destined to be the coach who leads Georgia to its first national title since 1980.

Jake Fromm — Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen

Fromm/Snow could also be “The Prince That Was Promised.” He’s led Georgia to a national championship game and has picked up some key victories in battle along the way. Neither Fromm or Snow seek the limelight. They just want what’s best for Georgia football or Westeros.

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D’Andre Swift — Arya Stark

Neither Swift nor Stark are the biggest character in their relative realm but do not underestimate them. Both have emerged as absolute killers. Swift racked up over 1,000 rushing yards last season as he left defenders in his wake. Arya might now be the best warrior in all of Westeros after her training with the Faceless Men. Look for both to play a key role in deciding the upcoming season.

Jacob Eason — Robb Stark

At one point, many believed that both Eason and Stark would lead their respective school/house to glory. But alas, both of their times were cut short. Robb was murdered at the Red Wedding, while Eason transferred to Washington after losing the starting quarterback job to Fromm. However, both of these two characters are largely still beloved by fans of Georgia football and Game of Thrones.

JR Reed — Sansa Stark

From damsel in distress to the Lady of Winterfell, no character has exhibited more growth than Sansa Stark. The same can be said for Reed, who has gone from Tulsa transfer to the unquestioned leader of the Georgia defense. Both will be central figures in the battles to come in both Westeros and the Georgia football season.

Zamir White — Bran Stark

A ton of ability, but both White and Stark have been injured pretty much the entire time we’ve known them. White has had ACL injuries in back-to-back years, while Bran has been paralyzed since the first episode of the show.

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But Bran figures to play a big role in the final season given his abilities to see the past, as well as warg —  control other beings. If White can get and stay healthy, he figures to be the next great running back for Georgia football.

Richard LeCounte — Jorah Mormont

Mormont has been mostly loyal to Daenerys since the beginning. LeCounte was the first player to commit to Georgia after Smart took over the program. Both Mormont and LeCounte have had their ups and downs. But entering the coming season, they’re both still seen as key members of their respective teams.

Nolan Smith — Gendry Baratheon

Smith is the newest addition to the Georgia defense, while Baratheon, the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, came back to the show in season seven. Smith figures to bolster Georgia’s pass rush this coming season, while Gendry’s skills as a blacksmith could play a key role in manufacturing weapons against The Army of The Dead.

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And they’re both incredible athletes. Baratheon ran from the Battle Beyond The Wall in season seven in seemingly record time. Smith was the No. 1 overall recruit in the 2019 recruiting class. One of these is far more believable.

James Coley — Tyrion Lannister

Danereys sees Tyrion as her most trusted political advisor. Coley should be seen as the same for Georgia this year under Smart. It’s been a long path for Coley as he’s moved his way up from wide receivers coach to Georgia offensive coordinator.

Lannister is the most fascinating character on the show just given his character arc. Coley has a lot of pressure heading into his first season as Georgia’s play caller. So in that regard, he’ll certainly be worth watching.

UGA X — Ghost

UGA X is Georgia’s mascot. Ghost is the loyal dire wolf of Jon.

Sam Pittman — Ser Davos Seaworth

A loyal servant to both Snow and Stannis Baratheon, Ser Davos always tries to do what is right. Even if his ruler disagrees with it. But Smart never seems to disagree with Pittman, given how well he recruits and develops his offensive linemen.

Ser Davos might have the highest approval rating on the show, while the same can be said for Pittman among Georgia assistant coaches.

Dan Lanning — Samwell Tarley

Tarley has an argument as a character who has grown the most over the course of the show. Heading into the final season, his knowledge of Jon’s past and of Dragonglass — a key weapon against the White Walkers — make him a major player.

Lanning meanwhile has gone from inside linebackers coach at Memphis to Georgia defensive coordinator in a short time. If Georgia is to win a national championship this year, Lanning will play a key role in elevating the Bulldogs defense.

The media — Varys

Not loyal to a king, queen or any one ruler but the realm as a whole. The Masters of Whispers might be more plugged in to the happenings in Westeros than the media is with Georgia football.

Andrew Thomas — Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is one of the best protectors and fighters in the realm — even if Jaime Lannister lost a hand on her watch and Renley Baraethon was killed by a smoke demon. Thomas might be the best left tackle in all of college football. He is a key protector of Fromm.

Isaiah Wilson — Sander “The Hound” Celgene

Another fierce warrior, Celgene’s work for protecting Arya Stark in seasons three and four of the series should not be overlooked. He also saved Sansa Stark in season two as well. Wilson is also a key protector on Georgia’s offensive line, serving as the right tackle.

Justin Fields — Oberyn Martell

There was a ton of hype and promise surrounding both Field and Martell. They both had some bright moments, Martell’s “I will be your champion” speech and Fields’ game against UMass. But on the grand stage, they both came up short. Martell had his skull crushed by The Mountain, while Fields took the snap and gained just two yards on the fourth and 11 fake punt against Alabama. Martell died, and Fields left the Bulldogs program for Ohio State after the 2018 season.

To some Georgia fans, the timing of Fields’ transfer felt like having all of your teeth knocked out, which is what happened to Martell shortly before his death.

Nick Saban — Cersei Lannister

Like Saban, Cersei is doing everything she can to maintain her power. She has played a key part in ruling Westeros for years now, much like Saban has done with Alabama. But it does feel like their power is slipping heading into 2019.

Saban has to worry about Smart and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney as the biggest threats to his college football crown. Cersei meanwhile is worried about Targaryen and The Night King.

Tua Tagovailoa — Gregor “The Mountain” Celgene

The two are incredibly powerful, but it’s been shown that both The Mountain and Tagovailoa can both be beaten. The Mountain was taken down by Martell, while Tagovailoa got knocked out of the SEC championship game by Georgia.

Both will be back in the coming season, likely creating plenty of havoc for our heroes.

Lane Kiffin — Jaime Lannister

Jaime was was clearly loyal to Cersei, but now that is no longer the case. Jaime is a free agent of sorts as he heads towards Winterfell. Kiffin meanwhile is lingering on the peripheries as he is now the head coach at Florida Atlantic, after transforming the Alabama offense. Both have been unlikable at times, but that’s changed over time.

Dabo Swinney — The Night King

If Smart or Saban don’t slow down Swinney, Clemson is going to become a dynasty sooner rather than later. The Night King meanwhile marches south with an ice dragon and The Army of The Dead. He looks to be a tough out, though our heroes are certainly going to try.

Trevor Lawrence — Viserion

Did you see the end of the last season of Game of Thrones or the national championship game? The Alabama secondary has long been seen as The Wall, but Lawrence figuratively burnt it to the ground in the 44-16 win. Viserion, The Night King’s ice dragon, did it literally.

Mark Richt —  Ned Stark

An all-around likable but a flawed coach/character. Stark was never meant to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Richt meanwhile is a very good coach, but not on the level of Saban, Swinney and Smart.

Jim McElwain — Walder Frey

Frey played a key role in ending Catelyn and Robb Stark’s lives. McElwain beating Richt in 2015 proved to be the final straw for that era of Georgia football.

Frey ultimately was killed by Arya Stark at the end of season six. Georgia beat Florida 42-7 in 2017, which led to the firing of McElwain the next day after a tumultuous campaign. Georgia — much like Arya — got their revenge, as the Bulldogs were the last team McElwain saw before he was sacked.

Dan Mullen — Theon Greyjoy

Mullen is now the head coach at Florida and trying to be a major pain to Georgia, much like Theon has largely been a major pain to the Stark family over the years. He hasn’t really beaten the Starks, other than the time he took Winterfell way back in season two. Mullen meanwhile hasn’t beaten a team coached by Smart since 2008.

Theon also returned to the Iron Islands, much like Mullen returned to Florida after his time at Mississippi State.

Jeremy Pruitt — Euron Greyjoy

Pruitt is now the head coach at Tennessee after serving as the defensive coordinator of both Alabama and Georgia. Giving his recruiting abilities, he figures to be a problem for Georgia in the years to come.

Euron Greyjoy, an uncle to Theon and Yara, has sided up with Cersei Lannister. He is well-regarded for his abilities in naval combat and has his eyes on something much bigger: Being the king of Westeros.

However, should Danerays and company survive the battles against The Night King with her dragons alive, she should have no problem burning Euron’s fleet. The same could be said for Georgia with regards to Tennessee if the Bulldogs can get through the likes of Auburn and Florida.

And now, my watch has ended.

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