Nick Saban working on anger management

Nick Saban yells at an official in an Alabama game this season (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)
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Alabama coach Nick Saban is most famous for winning national championships.

He’s probably next known best for his temper tantrums on the sidelines during the games -- when assistant coaches, referees and players are the targets of his wrath.

Saban opened up about his legendary temper to Tom Rinaldi of Fox Sports, via 247sports. Said Saban:

“I always pray that I don’t get mad. People like you showing me having a fit on the that sideline makes me say, ‘That don’t look so good, man.’ I just try to be me. There was a time I didn’t always try to be me. I was very anxious and nervous about saying the wrong things. All of those things sort of made an image.

“Almost a Atilla the Hun-type coach. That wasn’t really who I was, but that’s the image who I projected. I said to Miss Terry one day that it really upsets me that the picture the media paints of me is really not who I am. And she looked at me and she said, ‘you have nobody to blame for that but yourself, because that’s who you project.’ That’s when I tried to unravel this projection that I’ve created.”

Whatever Saban is doing, it seems to be working fine, as Alabama is ranked No. 2 in the nation and trending towards a showdown with No. 1 UGA in the SEC Championship game.

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