Todd Gurley to media: ‘Stop putting this bad energy in my knee’

Todd Gurley hopes to regain the form that made him an NFL MVP candidate

This knee thing is a sensitive issue with Todd Gurley, the former UGA running back who now plays in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams.

Gurley’s knee became a major concern after he struggled during last year’s playoff stretch, particularly the Super Bowl, and after he was held out of all the team’s preseason drills this offseason.

There have been multiple reports that Gurley’s mysterious struggles have to do with an “arthritic component” to the knee.

The good news is that the Rams opened training camp on Saturday, and Gurley was a participant. Of course, after the practice, Gurley was asked about his knee, and he dropped this line:

“Y’all have got to stop putting this bad energy in my knee, man,” Gurley said. “Just let it be.”

Gurley later went on a rant about what he labeled as “Internet reports.”

“I don’t entertain stuff,” he said. “When you entertain stuff that’s when you start letting stuff get to you, you start being emotional.

“And it’s the Internet, right? How serious can you take the Internet? I mean for some people it’s their job. I mean, let them do their job. You do your job. My job is to play football. Your job is to write and report.

“So, I don’t take it any way. I don’t feel no way about it. You’ve got to have a story, you’ve got to have something to talk about. It’s the offseason so it is what it is.”

Nevertheless, here’s the bottom line: The Rams’ opening practice appears to be very positive progress for Gurley, and most folks are hoping the former Bulldog can regain his MVP-like form.

Even if Gurley can’t repeat his superhero-like form on the football field, he appears to financially set for life. Before the 2018 season, he signed a $60 million contract, including $45 million in guarantees.

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