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4-star Auburn High (Ala.) center Bradyn Joiner
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Bradyn Joiner: Elite 2023 OL “felt like Nick Saban in shoulder pads” at UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry offers up the first DawgNation read on 2023 4-star OL Bradyn Joiner in Alabama.


A 642-mile food run to New Orleans. Beignets. A recruit who felt like Nick Saban in shoulder pads at UGA. A godfather. Jellyfish. Rivals 5-star Challenge offensive line MVP. Self-portrait of a future OL. State champion. Too sweet.

It seems fitting to unravel the Bradyn Joiner narrative by teeing up so many distinctive moments and phrases for a 2023 OL prospect out of Auburn High in Alabama.

Joiner is as colorful and engaging as one might imagine any prospect to be. That goes for the cover boy quarterbacks, too. Much less a guy likely to anchor big-boy ACC or SEC lines at center in just a few years.

Joiner is a 4-star on Rivals but has yet to earn a 247Sports rating. That said, he has quite the rep. When Georgia offered him back in August of 2020, he said it was already his 15th offer.

Alabama and Auburn loom large in his home state. Joiner also visited Clemson and UCF during the last week of July, too.

His decision will be revealed in December. That specific reason why leads to the first “Too Sweet” part of the Joiner story.

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Bradyn Joiner: The “Too Sweet” tribute to know first

This tribute to the late Robert "Too Sweet" McCluney appears on top of the Twitter account of 2023 Georgia target Bradyn Joiner.
Twitter, Dawgnation

Robert McCluney was known to those who knew and loved him as “Too Sweet.” Joiner considers him to be a pivotal figure in his upbringing.

“That’s my godfather actually,” Joiner said. “He took care of me when my Dad was gone for a little while and everything. I just feel blessed to have known him. I think I owe him the world because he used to do anything I asked him. Anything I wanted to do, he would make sure we’d do it as far as that. He was always there to just talk to me.”

“I love that man to death. It was hard losing him and getting through that but you know he put me in a good position to succeed in life. He took me to all of my football camps. Paid for everything. He just blessed me with a lot of stuff.”

There is a #LLS hashtag for “Long Live Sweet” on his Twitter profile page. Joiner shared a classic story about “Too Sweet” that makes him sound like that one friend we all know and love.

“We were in Gatlinburg and he was like ‘Do you want to go get something to eat?’ to me,” Joiner stated.

So they did. To New Orleans.

Or at least a part of Louisiana pretty close to that city. That’s 642 approximate miles. Maybe 10 hours. Give or take. For beignets.

“We went to Louisiana and came right back,” Joiner said. “Just to get something to eat.”

Whatever he accomplishes in the great game of football, he will owe a great debt to McCluney.

“When things get tough in football I can hear him talking to me and to keep on pushing,” Joiner said. “It is like I can still hear him talking to me. You just have to keep on striving for greatness.”

“Too Sweet” passed away on Dec. 20 in 2019.

“I will be committing on his death date,” Joiner said. “To celebrate him.”

That’s not in 2022. It will be this December.

“I’m ready,” he said back in May. “I’m ready to commit with all of this. With this whole thing, I know where I want to go and stuff like that.”

Auburn was McCluney’s favorite team. Clemson, Florida, FSU, Georgia, Mississippi State, South Carolina, UCF and USC were the schools he really wanted to hit this summer.

Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Mississippi State and USC have been some of the anchor schools in his process up to this point. Joiner plans to drop his top 10 schools on the first game of his junior season at Auburn High. That will be on Aug. 20.

4-star Auburn High (Ala.) center Bradyn Joiner is a big name to know for UGA on the board in 2023.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

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Bradyn Joiner: What he said after his July 28 visit

That one was about a five-hour visit. He followed that with trips to Clemson and UCF later in the week before the dead period dropped again.

Joiner took two very impactful trips to UGA this summer.

“I like that black and red,” Joiner said. “It looks good on me.”

Here is a sampling of the quotes from his first visit.

“I feel like this was my best visit to Georgia. I got to see how they interact with their players and how they interact with just me.”

“I got to see how they really practice. They are not lying about how hard Georgia works. That’s why they are always a top dog in the college football national title fight.”

“They are still one of my top schools. They are just not comparable to anyone right now that I have seen.”

“I got to see how the team practices and how coach Luke reacts to them. Being in meetings and watching their film. I got to see on film how they really interact with their players.”

“Coach Luke is an amazing O-line coach and coach Kirby, he coaches them hard. You know, that’s college football for you.”

“Their lineman are huge. They have great fundamentals and coach Luke coaches them up to their full potential.”

“Nobody else was really there. I got to talk to coach Luke one-on-one and coach Smart one-on-one. I was in the meeting rooms with them and was able to see how they coach their guys and all that.”

“It is like a home feeling for me at Georgia. They welcome you as soon as you walk through the door. It is just great hospitality all the time. They never miss a beat with their kindness.”

“When I walked through the door, it was love and caring. Like I was the main focus in the room when I went in there.”

“I don’t have any more questions about Georgia. That covers it all now.”

“This was more of a business trip.”

Bradyn Joiner wants to go see some more practices from a lot of the teams he has on his mind.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

Bradyn Joiner: What he said after his June 9 visit

This was his first time on-campus and inside the UGA facilities as a recruit. As mentioned previously he had visited on his own earlier this spring. Just as a regular person touring the campus.

“Georgia is a great place for everybody. The love and the gratitude that you feel it is just unreal.”

“They treat you like a king down there. I just felt like at home really.”

“I have been to a lot of places but that one was a place that I had never seen before. It was a family vibe. It felt like a family vibe.”

“They would come up and speak to my Mom and have a real conversation with her. You can’t really explain it because what they were doing was so great. It shocked me a little bit because I had never seen that before.”

“Georgia has done set the bar high. Real high. They have already done a lot for my first visit.”

“It made them go to the top. They did everything right actually to keep me thinking a whole lot about them. They are right there at the top. They just have got a big head start on everybody else now.”

“When I tried on that jersey, it just felt like it was me. Not a lot of people get to put that uniform on. It just felt great. Every kid grows up wanting to be at a Georgia or an Alabama or a big school like that.”

“The coaching staff is the best. I think they have got the best coaching staff in the country. Coach Luke. Kirby [Smart] and Tray Scott. All the assistants, they are just great. Just one-of-a-kind coaches.”

A few more things to know about Bradyn Joiner

Those two previous sections cover the quote sheet. What is he looking for in the ideal school?

“My school is going to have the ideal environment for me and in a town that is going to love us and bless us,” Joiner said. “Then a coaching staff that is straightforward. No handouts. I want to work for and earn everything I get. I want a loving coaching staff that is going to treat me hard with tough love. You know how that goes.”

He is on track to enroll early in college in January of 2023. 2023 Georgia commitment Pearce Spurlin III has been working Joiner hard.

“He’s doing good at all that recruiting stuff for Georgia,” Joiner said. “That man, he is funny. He is trying to get me and the whole 2023 group chat to come to Georgia. He’s been around Georgia since he was a little kid so I guess he knows what he is talking about with that school.”

Joiner said that 4-star WR commitment Daquayvious Sorey is also in his ear, too.

That first workout visit gave him a memorable story. When he visited on June 8, he did so with a slight back injury. Let’s recreate it as told by Joiner.

Kirby Smart: “Are you going to work out?”

Bradyn Joiner: “Coach, do you know I’m injured right now? I had an injury. A lower back injury.”

Kirby Smart: “That’s too bad. Man, I’d really like you to see you work out.”

That was all Joiner needed to hear. He said he did “great” at that camp. HIs footwork was pointed out. He was glad to hear how he needed to work on a few holes in his game like his hand placements.

Luke worked him out at both center and guard. Well, after he had that chat with Smart.

“I am never going to turn down Kirby Smart,” Joiner said. “That’s one of the greatest. You can’t turn down one of those workouts with him and Coach Luke. That’s one of the best O-line coaches in the country.”

Joiner plans to attend the Clemson-Georgia and the Auburn-Alabama games this fall. That’s his gameday visit schedule so far. He’s also got LSU, Ole Miss and UCF game visits on his mind.

4-star Auburn High (Ala.) center Bradyn Joiner said Georgia line coach Matt Luke liked his feet and how well he moved along the line.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

Coachspeak: 5-time state title coach on Bradyn Joiner

Auburn High coach Keith Etheredge has coached Joiner all his career. He was with him at Oxford High previously. Etheredge has won an impressive 150 games and five state titles in Alabama since his first season in 2006, including one with Joiner in 2019 at Oxford.

The first-year coach at Auburn High stressed the term athleticism in his assessment of Joiner.

“He’s a kid that can do a lot of different things,” Etheredge said. “He can play center. He can play guard. He started 15 games for us at tackle his freshman year. Great athlete. He’s a kid that can flip over on the defensive side and play a ‘3′ technique. Play that inside guy. As a 10th grader, he was benching over 400 pounds. He was squatting over 500 pounds. He’s a phenomenal athlete to be as big as he is.”

“I was kidding with him last year. I was saying I could put you over at tight end and let you play tight end because he’s got great hands. He’s like ‘Coach I will play tight end for you because that way I can say I can play every position on the offensive line for us’. And here’s the last thing, he’s such a fun kid and a good kid to be around.”

Joiner’s best traits that pop on the film or the grass would be his athletic ability and his motor.

There was a game last year against 7A Thompson in Alabama. That squad has a pair of 5-stars on the defensive side in 5-star LB Jeremiah Alexander and 5-star DL Peter Woods.

“The better the guy is across from him, the better and harder he goes,” Etheredge said. “When we played Thompson, a couple of times I had to get on to him because he had to block his responsibility first and stay with him. You can’t just go after the 5-star kid every single play.”

He was hunting them up.

“He’s a competitor,” Etheredge said. “He likes to win, but he loves to compete.”

Joiner considers himself to most likely be a center at the next level. That’s the projection he hears from UGA, too. He has a set of skills designed to defuse noseguards.

“I can take any dude there probably in the country,” he said.

Check out the 2020 sophomore year film on Joiner below. There are a lot of plays of him putting DTs on their backs or pulling to kick athletic safeties out of run lanes.

The other side to know about Bradyn Joiner

4-star Auburn High (Ala.) center Bradyn Joiner created this depiction of a pair of jellyfish. He said he would go away to art camps for a whole month during the summer.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

See above. Joiner is an artist. He did that when he was younger.

“When I was young, I would go to art camps for a whole month just to get away from football,” he said. “To get my mind off football and stuff like that.”

He will be able to create his own top 10 edit. Maybe even that commitment edit in December.

“I haven’t really tried digitally but I could paint one if I wanted to,” he said.

Joiner could even paint the decision on canvas. When the time comes, he could lift the sheet and the end of the commitment video and that would be it.

That sounds a lot more unique than just putting on a hat after a weight room workout and running up some stadium steps.

“That would be fire,” Joiner said.

He looked at himself in the mirror when he was 12. It was an art camp project. That creation appears below.

Bradyn Joiner looked at himself in a mirror and painted this self-portrait at an art camp when he was 12 years old.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation


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