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Jalon Walker is an All-American LB commit for Georgia in the class of 2022. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Jalon Walker: All-American Bulldog commit reflects on ‘Chip’ win

Jalon Walker has grown fond of hearing the words “state champion” in front of his name the last few days. The All-American LB commit was a part of a championship team effort last Thursday night for Salisbury High on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Yet Walker has a better term for that feeling. He calls it a ‘chip’ or a ‘chippy’ in reference to the state title.

“I say it a lot,” Walker said. “Chipper. Chip. In the locker room, everybody is screaming. Chip. Chipper. It is just a phrase we use. It is just a great phrase, you know? Why not? Why not do it? Why not starts something new to a new dynasty?”

“We set it up last year to go to a state championship and [we did] not come out successful. But to go back the next year and become successful. Next year we are doing the same thing in my eyes.”

We can readily assume here he used that term about 200 times on Thursday night and the ensuing celebrations after the 42-14 win.

His Hornets went exclusively on the road during the North Carolina 2-AA bracket. After a tepid 2-2 start, they finished the year with seven straight wins.

What’s that feeling like? The uncommon talent at LB had an answer to that we haven’t heard before.

“If I had to put it in one word it would be spontaneous,” Jalon Walker said. “You know that whole act when the buzzer went off at the end of the fourth quarter. Everybody, all the players, rushed to the field. Tears of joy. You’re seeing guys go crazy. Especially the young guys who just joined the team this year go crazy. Seeing the tears of joy from the seniors. It was just a great atmosphere. Seeing all the fans and the parents out in the stands cheering us on who believed in us to go to the state championship and go win it.”

Check out the DawgNation “Chippy” Conversation with Walker embedded below.

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Jalon Walker is an All-American LB commit for Georgia in the class of 2022. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)
Jeff Sentell, Dawgnation

The promise Jalon Walker made last week to his team

Walker played DE, OLB, RB, TE and at WR in the state championship game. That sort of contribution mirrored his season.

He had made a vow to the seniors on this year’s team.

“Those seniors were celebrating their butts off last night,” Walker said on Friday. “I told them throughout the week still ‘I’m not letting you go home empty-handed’ and I said that so many times. In the locker room. Throughout the game. When we got there on the bus. Throughout the whole day. I couldn’t let those guys down. I felt like I had to show up and do the best I could.”