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All-American TE Oscar Delp of West Forsyth High School committed to (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Oscar Delp: ‘The meeting of all meetings’ and how Todd Hartley found his next great TE

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. It was fascinating to take this behind-the-scenes on the way Todd Hartley recruited All-American TE Oscar Delp to UGA.

The Oscar Delp recruitment story is just different.

Alabama tried. Clemson tried. South Carolina tried. Michigan was the first program to post a “Delp Wanted” sign for their program. They spoke to him first and offered first.

The Gamecocks gave Delp and his family a bit of pause. Even when he’d pretty much set his mind on choosing Georgia before all of his visits. He had to take those visits, though.

Mary Delp, his mother, went to South Carolina. She might have been joking when she said she basically created a human being to help her Gamecocks be great and win football games.

Come to think of it, she probably wasn’t. She is a strong woman. Mary Delp could run 35 miles if something vital in her world depended on it. She just got through running another Boston Marathon this month.

Shane Beamer and his staff were great. They put his name on a billboard in marquee lights in downtown Columbia.

“When I went to South Carolina for my gameday visit, I saw my name painted on kids in the student section,” he said.

But the Gamecocks didn’t offer until Beamer arrived. He offered about 20 minutes after he got the job.

The first college coach he ever communicated with was the tight ends coach for the Wolverines. There was a Stanford moment. Southern California, the first USC, was on his mind for more than a hot minute, too.

In the end, it didn’t really matter what Clemson or Michigan or anyone else did.

The Bulldogs had their smiling assassin on the job. It was Todd Hartley. That is now Kirby Smart’s Winston Wolfe on the recruiting trail.

That Harvey Keitel character from “Pulp Fiction” movie was that quick-thinker who could bend the space-time continuum to make a problem go away.

“He was huge,” Delp said of Hartley. “He was definitely the huge recruiter in it. The relationship I have with him compared to other coaches is not really comparable. I’ve got a really good relationship. He would talk with my parents all the time. He would talk with me. Everyone.”

If this was one of Mary Delp’s marathons, the third-year TEs coach had a three-mile headstart on her Gamecocks.

As for everyone else, he quickly surged out to the lead group and never looked back.

“Todd Hartley is just amazing at recruiting,” his father Chris Delp said. “He could write a book on it. We dealt with like 30 Power 5 programs. There aren’t a lot of guys like him. There is just one Todd. He’s the best.”

  • Negative recruiting? Cleaned.
  • TE involvement? When the Delps were at games, it felt to them like the whole first series featured the tight ends. (Give Todd Monken a big nod here, too.)
  • TE production? Just look at the Brock Bowers highlight reel. (More Monken here, too.)
  • Too many dudes? Check out those 12 personnel packages so far.

Hartley’s recruiting and NFL resume at Miami and Georgia will have more hits than the NBA YoungBoy catalog over the next four years.

Delp said he thought he was going to Michigan at first. Then Alabama. South Carolina might have been a soft leader for a time, too.

“The entire recruiting process we can say we never dealt with any jerks,” Chris Delp said. “Every one of these coaches has been top-flight and accommodating and nice. True to their word. We got on calls and people were always gracious. Beyond gracious.”

Beamer was described as “amazing” and “awesome” for his work recruiting Delp. They said it was “very very hard” to let the final group of coaches know Delp was going to play for another school.

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