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4-star 2023 WR Cayden Lee
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Cayden Lee: Another Terrence Edwards WR protege is looking hard at UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about the latest with 4-star junior WR Cayden Lee at Westlake High School.


Honeycomb can be another Lemonade. That’s what the goat receiver of the all-time record book at Georgia thinks.

That’s what they say around the training fields of The Terrence Edwards Wide Receiver Academy.

The easy translation there is Edwards already sees junior WR prospect Cayden Lee in the same light he did Georgia sophomore Jermaine Burton.

There is quite a lot of deja vu for Edwards with those two at the same stage of their careers. It only beings with two very colorful nicknames.

“I tell people this all the time,” Edwards said of Lee. “He is Jermaine Burton 2.0. I mean it is very scary to have two guys with similar backgrounds and similar players at the same age. At the same age, Jermaine would be a little quicker. But at that same age, Cayden might be a little bit more advanced with his route-running ability.”

“But any way you want to say it, Cayden and Jermaine Burton are very very similar players.”

Burton is the most likely contender to claim the No. 1 receiver role at UGA this fall. That was held by George Pickens prior to his knee injury. Burton caught 27 balls for 404 yards and three scores as a true freshman last fall, including eight catches for 197 yards and two touchdowns against Mississippi State.

The apples-to-apples gauges are pretty telling based on where they were both at heading into their junior seasons of high school. Edwards felt that Burton would have a bit of an edge in ball skills. He felt they were pretty much even in terms of hands.

“I didn’t realize Jermaine was going to get as big as he did in high school,” Edwards said. “When I think about it, he was probably the same size as Cayden as a 10th-grader at that same age. He’s maybe 5-foot-10 or 5-11 and 175 pounds right now. Jermaine is probably about 6 feet, 2 inches and about 200 now. I can see Cayden growing and getting more explosive. I honestly didn’t see Jermaine being this explosive a few years back as he is now. That came on with just Jermaine growing and with getting that strength.”

“If I project Cayden similar to Jermaine Burton, I see him growing more to maybe get up to 6-foot-1 and then have similar traits such as speed, acceleration and hand-eye coordination.”

When Edwards started working with Burton, he said he saw “special” after the first few sessions. For Burton, he said he saw “very good” and that’s only gotten better.

Lee asks more questions. He seeks more knowledge than Burton did. That has led to him showing more of a proficiency to befuddle cornerbacks with his footwork and routes.

“At his age, it is scary to see how advanced Cayden’s route running is,” Edwards said.

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