ATHENS — Confidence and momentum are building at Florida, and a recent ESPN feature explained why.

“With more money and more resources, the possibility at Florida are endless,” author Alex Scarborough penned, explaining how new coach Billy Napier has a limitless ceiling.

Napier is marketed as a coach who watched Clemson build its championship program under Dabo Swinney before moving on to learn the Alabama “blueprint” from Nick Saban at Alabama.

“He’s got the Alabama football structure with the Clemson culture,” the ESPN article said.

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It’s a given Florida will improve on its 6-7 record simply by eliminating all the penalties and self-inflicted wounds from a season ago.

Napier, to his credit, has brought a level of discipline that Gator players now realize they needed.

“[Napier’s] program is a lot of discipline and a lot of structure,” Vernell Brown told ESPN. “Not knocking the previous regime, but he does run it differently. From where we were as a program ... radical changes were needed.”

Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin told ESPN how organized Napier is, too, with an organizational chart.

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Those are the sort of things that impress athletic directors like Stricklin, who is as functional and organized as anyone.

Florida is also on the brink of opening up its new $85 million football building, which will add great energy and enthusiasm.

Napier has already established himself as a straight shooter.

“Coming here is the least stressful job I’ve had,” Napier told ESPN. “Because I can fix everything that I think needs to be addressed.”

Some will find Napier’s confidence a bit over the top, but others will feel a chill.

Florida might not be as far off as some have suggested.

The Gators will find out soon enough, as they open the season at 7 p.m. on Sept. 3 against No. 8-ranked Utah.