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Davin Bellamy shared a very important lesson he learned from an NFL scout about the National Championship Game during film study.

Davin Bellamy has humble answer for game he’ll never forget at UGA

Davin Bellamy knows the game of all games for him at Georgia.

It wasn’t the strip sack at Notre Dame. That so-called “walk-off home run” didn’t do it for him. Butkus Award winner Roquan Smith said he actually thought that one was the biggest play of the 2017 season.

“That one he made there set up everything else,” Smith said.

At DawgNation Appreciation Thursday night, Bellamy, Smith and three other revered Bulldogs were on hand to reflect on what a year it was.

When asked about the one game he will always relive, Bellamy could not think about anything else but the last game of his Bulldogs career.

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Davin Bellamy was one of several special guests at DawgNation Appreciaton Night Thursday night at the Coca-Cola Roxy. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

It will stay with him when he is 55 years old. Of that, he has no doubt.

“It will be the national championship,” he said. “To this day. I know they won on the big play. But I’ve slowed down two plays. A scout actually showed me this play last week at the NFL combine. It was Alabama driving down. I think it was the drive they hit the big one or the drive before.”

The Tide were going to the same end zone where DeVonta Smith actually hauled in that dagger to end the 2017 seasons for both schools. But it wasn’t that play.

It wasn’t even on a scoring play. It was on a play that ended up as an incomplete pass on an Alabama possession in the third quarter.

Georgia led 20-7. The Tide eventually added a field goal on the drive to make it 20-10.

Bellamy said he didn’t think that field goal would happen if he had made another game-changing play. It shows the level he will hold himself to at the next level. It would have been another play like that home run-play that cleared the field in South Bend, but great plays like those will be more of the norm on the NFL’s big stage.

“I beat the guy clean, and if I would have just reached, I would have knocked the ball out of his hand,” Bellamy said. “I tried to go for the big hit instead. He got the ball off, but I still affected the throw. The scout was just showing me that one.”

Then he brought up a 3rd-and-7 play where Alabama freshman Tua Tagovailoa evaded a rush as he rolled to his right. But then he reversed his field on the way to the other boundary for a 9-yard gain.

Alabama produced its first points on that drive to whittle the Georgia lead down to 13-7.

Those plays humble Bellamy. They likely always will.

“I feel like we make those plays,” he said. “I feel like I can make those plays for us right there. Then we are talking about a whole different game.”