The Georgia football team takes on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2023 SEC Championship. Below, you can find information on the game time, TV channel, odds, as well as how to watch the game online.

Georgia football is 12-0 on the season, while Alabama is 11-1. This is the fourth time these two teams have met in the SEC championship game, with Alabama winning all three previous matchups.

Georgia football-Alabama game time for 2023 SEC Championship Game

The Georgia football-Alabama game is set for a 4 p.m. ET kickoff.

Georgia football-Alabama TV channel for 2023 SEC Championship Game

The Georgia football-Alabama game will be broadcast on CBS. Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson and Jenny Dell will call the game. This will be the last game broadcast on CBS.

Georgia football-Alabama watch online, how to stream 2023 SEC Championship Game

The Georgia football-Alabama game will be streamed on Paramount+. You will need a subscription to watch the game. Click here to watch the game.

Georgia football-Alabama odds for 2023 SEC Championship Game

The Georgia football is a 5.5-point favorite over Alabama. The over/under for the game is 54.5. GEorgia is 4-7-1 against the spread this season.

Georgia football injury report for 2023 SEC Championship Game against Alabama

On Alabama’s defense…

“Yeah. Size, speed, toughness, aggressiveness, multiple coverages, players that can play multiple positions. The depth across the defensive line is one of the things that pops out of you. They roll guys, and they constantly have fresh guys in there striking, playing blocks, playing with great toughness; really good at the star position, very experienced. Got two corners that are going to be drafted that are good players; play with great safeties. I mean, they’ve got an all-around really good defense, but that’s what you would expect. I mean, you would expect nothing less from this group.”

Q. After watching Alabama for a couple days offensively, what do you make of their running back corps, how they mix them in with Jalen Milroe and specifically what Jase McClellan brings to the table.

“Yeah, they have really good backs. They rotate three guys in and out, and they all complement each other really well. They’re powerful. They play behind a really good offensive line.

Yards after contact is something that jumps off the screen at me. They don’t go down at the first tackle. They catch the ball well out of the backfield, all three of them pick people up really well in pass pro, and we watch that, and the first thing I look at on the back is what kind of protector is he on 3rd down, does he know who he has, can he block him, does he cut every time, does he stay up, what is their strengths, what is their weaknesses as pass pro and pass receivers, and they have very complete backs, which you would fully expect at Alabama.”

Q. I want to talk to you about Carson Beck’s development and what he was able to learn under Stetson Bennett and the ability to learn from Stetson for this upcoming season and this SEC Championship moment.

Yeah, I think he would tell you that he learned a lot from all the quarterbacks that were here. People just keep forgetting that he was here with J.T. Daniels, so he sat in meetings with J.T. and Monk when they would go back and forth about what the read is, what we’re looking at, how we’re doing it. J.T. was a really bright quarterback, and Carson sat in those meetings, heard him, and then as J.T. moved on, he got to sit in and listen with Stetson and hear him talk and learn things.

He was really the entire time a sponge, and he was growing through all that. Like we knew sitting in meetings that he was a very bright quarterback. He was right there with J.T. and Stetson in terms of competition.

It’s clear that he was growing as he was experiencing all those reps and moments, and certainly glad that all those spring practices and fall camps he just got so many twos reps to help him get to where he is now.”

Georgia football injury report against Alabama for 2023 SEC Championship Game

Jamon Dumas-Johnson, forearm -- out

Branson Robinson, knee -- out

KJ Smith, undisclosed -- out

Julian Humphrey, collarbone -- doubtful

Rara Thomas, foot -- questionable

Ladd McConkey, ankle -- questionable

Tate Ratledge, left knee -- probable

Brock Bowers, tight end -- probable

Smael Mondon -- probable