NEW YORK — Between four worthy choices, there was always going to be a healthy debate. That is what happened when Stetson Bennett, Max Dugan, Caleb Williams and CJ Stroud addressed the media ahead of Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Of course, with the vote already in, the four weren’t discussing play styles or stats. They were debating who was the best dressed.

The question to the four quarterbacks was prefaced with the fact that they could not vote for themselves.

Williams — USC’s quarterback — was quick to praise Stroud, who was wearing a red suit, along with a No. 7 chain.

“I’m going to go CJ. I like the red,” Williams said. “I liked the red. USC’s got a little red in it, so I like it.”

Stroud was more diplomatic, praising all three quarterbacks. Bennett was wearing a classic black Tom Ford suit with a silver tie. Duggan was sporting his school colors, donning a purple tie to go along with a gray suit.

Williams was the most ambitiously dressed, rocking a Gucci suit.

“I think everybody looks really good,” Stroud said. “I know Stetson’s got the tie for it, looking real nice. I told Max — he was a little worried about his suit, but I think he looks fly. Caleb’s got some Gucci on, you know what I’m saying? I think everybody looks good though.”

Duggan made it clear he was far from a fashion expert. It’s easy to see why Duggan is so well-liked given his down-to-earth answer.

“Yeah, I was trying just not to embarrass myself with everybody else,” Duggan said. “I was making sure, you know, I was trying to keep up with these guys. But all these guys are kind of making me look down right now so. I’ll try to hold it up for everybody right now.”

Bennett liked what Duggan had to wear. However, he made it clear that Williams went all out for the award. Even throwing in a playful jab at the no doubt expensive suit.

“If we’re going by nice, I mean, I’d imagine Caleb’s — he left that tag on purpose,” Bennett said. “His is really pretty nice.”

All four players have bonded this weekend, due to the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Multiple members of the ensemble noted that they now have three new friends for life.

The 2022 Heisman Trophy winner will be announced at approximately 8:50 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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