Trevor Lawrence-Clemson-Covid 19
Trevor Lawrence has become of vocal leader among college football players.

What college football players are saying about #WeWantToPlay movement and how it pertains to Georgia football

The graphic states the following:

  • “We all want to play football this season”
  • “Establish universal mandated health &safety procedures and protocols to protect college-athletes against COVID-19 among all conferences throughout the NCAA
  • Give players the opportunity to protect college-athletes against COVID-19
  • Guarantee eligibility whether a player chooses to play this season or not
  • Use our voices to establish open communication & trust between players and officials: ultimately create a College Football Players Association
  • Representative of all Power 5 conferences

ESPN’s Dan Murphy detailed how so many of the prominent players in the sports were able to get together on the matter. The players didn’t want the #WeWantToPlay movement to overshadow what the players in the PAC-12 were trying to do with regards to better rights and benefits for playing the sport.

“We got down to talking and agreed that both of our goals are aligned with each other,” Stanford defensive lineman Dylan Boles told Murphy. “We all want to play this year. We just want to make sure players have a say in this thing.”

The PAC-12 players had a meeting with PAC-12 commissioner Larry Scott on Thursday, but the players were not happy with what transpired according to a report from ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura.

“We were all left disappointed and deeply concerned that you are not taking this matter seriously,” a letter to Scott sent late Friday, signed by 18 student-athletes, said.

Players aren’t the only ones getting in on the movement, with multiple coaches at Michigan starting their own hashtag, #WeWantToCoach.