WATCH: Intense Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair keeps Bulldogs primed for titles, pro careers

Intense Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair will do whatever it takes to keep the Bulldogs ready, from yelling in the weight room, to cheering them on from the sideline.

ATHENS — One of the biggest stories of Georgia’s championship season was how the Bulldogs turned up their conditioning before a rematch with Alabama, and Scott Sinclair was there to oversee it.

“It’s important to me that we walk that line that it’s really, really, tough, but it’s also achievable,” Sinclair, entering his seventh season as UGA’s director of strength and conditioning, said in a promotional video.

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“Definitely this week we’ve been working hard,” Davis said leading up to the rematch with Alabama. “Coach Smart has been working us hard. And actually, I’m about to go run right now after this meeting.”

Smart surely turned to Sinclair to help make sure the Bulldogs had a quick rebound.

Sinclair, who worked at Marshall before Smart hired him, made sure Georgia football looked as sharp and conditioned as they have ever looked in a 34-11 rout of Michigan in the Orange Bowl CFP Semifinal, and again in the 33-18 victory over Alabama in the CFP title game

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“We had some guys who felt they were out of shape and weren’t ready to play and we really focused on that,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said in May, recalling how the Bulldogs turned it on last December.

“I thought that was really big for us to play better, not only in the Michigan game, but also in the national championship game.”

Sinclair was right there on the sidelines doing whatever he could to keep the team motivated, transforming from strength coach to cheerleader.

“When game day comes, all our work is kind of in the barn,” Sinclair said. “We train during the week, we train in the summer and we train in the offseason.

“So the one thing we can do is bring excitement to our players. I have a mindset that’s exciting that’s showing energy, that’s showing enthusiasm, I think it’s contagious.”

Part of the reason the top recruits in the country are showing up at Georgia is the program’s proven track record in player development.

The Bulldogs had a record-15 players selected in the NFL Draft last season, including five first-round picks on defense.

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