Georgia gets its 93k – and then some

The crowd in the first quarter.

ATHENS — The problem, as it turns out, wasn’t filling Sanford Stadium for the spring football game.

It was fitting everybody in.

Georgia not only got the desired 93,000 for G-Day, so many fans tried to get in that announcements were made pleading with fans to move in tighter on their general admission sitting, in order to make room for everybody. Admission to the game was free.

Fans could be seen watching from the walkways, and other fans, told there was no more seating, retreated to the concourses or just left. There were fans streaming on the street away from the stadium as the second quarter began.

The turnout obliterated previous records for G-Day attendance. Last year’s turnout had been the record, at 46,815. In fact, the previous five seasons had each gradually set records.

But new head coach Kirby Smart’s call for a 93k day, backed by a massive P.R. blitz by the school – and a 15-minute pregame concert by Ludacris – paved the way for a full crowd.

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