Georgia marches on without Manning and questions about Kirby Smart quarterbacks

Coach Kirby Smart says he trusts all his quarterbacks.

ATHENS — Georgia football marches on with Kirby Smart locked on the 2022 season and any potential recruit that might lift the program.

The “Big One” got away on Thursday when Arch Manning, the No. 1 recruit of the 2023 class and arguably the most visible recruit of all time, chose Texas over Georgia.

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The Bulldogs aren’t used to losing lately, as as far as upsets go, Manning choosing a shaky 5-7 Longhorns’ program over Georgia was surprising at surface level.

There’s still plenty for the Bulldogs to celebrate, in terms of program validation:

• Winning the CFP Championship Game by a 33-18 count over Alabama

• UGA alum Matthew Stafford quarterbacking the Rams to a Super Bowl win

• A record-15 Georgia players selected in the NFL draft

• A No. 1 overall draft pick in Travon Walker

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Many Georgia football fans will say they don’t care that Manning committed elsewhere, or that it doesn’t really matter.

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But the outside perception is that it does matter, and greatly.

A sample of some headlines and lead-ins

• With Arch Manning commit, Texas football could be ready to take SEC by storm

• Wall Street Journal: Arch Manning has decided to Hook ‘em

• Arch Manning gives Texas huge boost with commitment

Some have wondered if Manning’s commitment could hasten the entry of Texas and Oklahoma into the SEC. His presence on the field is that anticipated to bring even more value to the SEC, it seems.

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Of course, not everyone believes Manning’s presence will make that big of a difference in the SEC, least of all fans in Alabama that listen to WJOX and took an unscientific morning show poll:

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