Jake Fromm compared to Andrew Luck by NFL scouting director

Jake Fromm's cerebral approach gets compared to one of the NFL's most respected minds, Colts QB Andrew Luck (right)

Jake Fromm has been a popular topic for NFL Draft experts this summer, and he has gotten a lot of mixed reviews.

But one person who is clearly on the bandwagon of the UGA junior quarterback is Matt Miller, the lead NFL Draft writer for Bleacher Report.

This weekend, Miller profiled the Bulldogs standout in an article which was headlined “Jake Fromm is the Perfect QB Prospect for Win-Now Teams.”

There’s a lot of analysis in the story, but one thing that stuck out was a quote about Fromm from an (unnamed) AFC scouting director:

“Mentally, he’s like (Andrew) Luck. He doesn’t wow you in practice watching him throw because he’s a little small and doesn’t have a huge arm, but he knows where to go with the ball and makes the right decisions. That counts for more than 4.4 speed or a cannon arm.”

Miller (the author of the article) then took it to the next level, comparing some of Fromm’s attributes to four other NFL starting quarterbacks:

“Fromm, to scouts, is more Mitchell Trubisky with his accuracy and body type than someone with boundless athleticism or great arm strength. He’s more Jared Goff as a savvy, experienced, methodical passer than Carson Wentz and his freestyle play. He’s quiet and poised, which doesn’t always lead to the most obvious Baker Mayfield-style leadership, but it works.”

That’s some major props for Fromm, who will be leading the Bulldogs into camp in just a few weeks.

To read the article in its entirety, please go here.

Disclaimer: Even though Miller described Fromm as “the most pro-ready QB in the 2020 draft  class,” Fromm has yet to reveal whether he’ll declare early for the NFL draft or return for his senior year and the 2021 draft.

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