ATHENS — Once again, the reports on Georgia tailback Nick Chubb continue to be extremely optimistic.

Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart, speaking at his first in-state alumni association meeting of the year on Wednesday, said he gets multiple reports at regular intervals from director of sports medicine Ron Courson. And Smart said what he’s seeing and hearing gets him more and more excited each time.

“Chubb is working his tail off,” Smart told a fan who asked about the star runner during the Q&A period at the meeting at the Walnut Creek Shooting Preserve. “What I like most about Ron Courson, who is our director of athletic training, he sends me a video about once every three or four days. And I might be at the office, I might be at home, I might be on the road but when you get that video and you know it’s got a link, I’m fired up.”

Smart said each one has shown Chubb showing more and more mobility as he runs through L-drills, different agility exercises and medical tests.

“Each time I get a video I make a point to text Chubb saying, ‘Nick, I see you working. I see what you’re doing,'” Smart shared. “Because he wants to recognized for what he’s doing. He’s busted his tail. He’s living the silent life right now. He’s ready to come bursting out at first opportunity.”

As for exactly when that might be, Smart continued to come up short of making any guarantees about when the former 1,500-yard would play this season, if at all.

“When that’s gonna be, I don’t know,” Smart said. “I’ve said this over and over every time I talk to a group, I am not a an SME — a subject matter expert — on knee injuries.”