Mel Kiper claims Alabama beats UGA if Jameson Williams isn’t hurt

ESPN's draft guru Mel Kiper had some strong opinions about UGA during the first round of the NFL Draft

The most famous NFL Draft analyst may be considered to be an “Alabama truther” by some Georgia fans after he voiced an interesting opinion during Thursday night’s opening round on ABC-TV.

After Alabama receiver Jameson Williams was selected No. 12 overall, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. had this to say:

“They beat Georgia if (Williams) doesn’t get hurt and plays in the national championship game …”

Of course, Kiper’s strong opinion on national TV instantly became a sore point among Georgia fans on social media (see bottom of the story).

UGA defeated Alabama 33-18 in the national championship game, yet some Crimson Tide fans, players and Nick Saban have yet to accept it.

In one of the most embarrassing speeches in Saban’s Hall of Fame career about a month after the game at a coaches clinic, he squarely laid the blame on his young players (the video of the speech was quickly scrubbed off the Internet). His words live on, though.

“We lost the national championship game, basically because we had 3 corners out, both starters and the best backup.,” Saban began with, on his rant.

As recently as this week, Alabama legend Mark Ingram trashed the idea that Georgia was on the same level of the Crimson Tide:

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