Texas hybrid TE Jalen Wydermyer calls UGA ‘amazing place’ to play ball

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Jalen Wyderman, a hybrid TE from Texas, already expects to take a return official visit to UGA.

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel will bring at least five days a week. The play sheet today calls for an introduction to 3-star Texas tight end prospect Jalen Wydermyer

This is the time of year when offers are tracked, visits are followed like Santa’s sleigh by NORAD and new interesting things mushroom up on the recruiting trail. It seems like the perfect segue to bring up 3-star Texas tight end Jalen Wydermyer.

Will the Bulldogs take another tight end? Well, this is a lean year for scholarships around Athens. Don’t expect them to sign 26 guys as they did in 2018. Georgia also has secured a commitment from Ryland Goede. He’s the nation’s No. 6 tight end prospect from Kennesaw Mountain.

Wydermyer tells DawgNation that the Bulldogs are still deeply interested regardless. Well, a lot of recruits would like to think that. But he also noted that he had a 20-to-30 minute conversation with Kirby Smart on his recent visit. The 3-star recruit also said that he had multiple extended conversations with offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. Those conversations totaled up right at an hour of one-on-one time. 

The Bulldogs staff — given the way it recruits at an optimum level — likely don’t extend that amount of time to a prospect unless there is something significant they see in him.

Wydermyer’s favorite part of his trip likely was the visit to a work-in-progress Sanford Stadium. He was amazed by the hedges and the way the fans sit so close to the field.

“That was even how it looked while it was under construction,” he said. “I can’t wait to see how it looks when it is all dialed in nice for an actual game.

“That’s why I can’t wait to get out there for my OV.”

Why did Jalen Wydermyer visit UGA?

That seems like a pretty good place to start.

“Well, the coaches have been asking me to get out there,” Wydermyer said.

UGA staffer Wendel Davis has played a role in getting Jalen Wydermyer to consider the program. (Jalen Wydermyer /contributed)

He called it a “long trip” but it was one that he “was definitely willing to make” to see Athens. He felt that he wanted to make that trip since the Bulldogs have been recruiting him hard. UGA defensive graduate assistant Wendell Davis has been a primary contact.

Wydermeyer hoped to use that road trip to also visit Alabama, Auburn and LSU, but he didn’t have the necessary time to make all those stops. He was able to spend about 24 hours in Athens and form a very strong impression.

“It was great,” Wydermyer said. “I loved it and everything about it. The scenery. The town of Athens. It has a lot of sights and it not too far from the big city of Atlanta. I remember the hills around campus. It was all just great. The coaching staff is great. The practice was great. I just really had a great time there.”

Offensive analyst Jay Johnson started talking to Wydermyer a few months ago. Then Davis took over.

“He’s been the guy to know for me at Georgia,” Wydermyer said. “He’s been my guy to call so he’s really helped me out a lot getting to know about the program. Both Coach Davis and Coach Chaney are really helping me learn a lot about Georgia and I’m really liking it.”

Which schools recruit him hard? He said that Baylor, LSU, Miami, Missouri and Texas A&M were all contacting him at regular intervals. He has seen Baylor and visited Texas A&M when he was a freshman.

Wydermyer enjoyed the UGA visit so much he said he would definitely have to visit again on an official.

How would Jalen Wydermyer fit in at UGA? 

Chaney sat Wydermyer down and told him exactly what UGA was recruiting him for.

“He was speaking to me more as a man and what I needed to do more than a kid who was looking at colleges and who he was trying to get on his team,” Wydermyer said. “I loved that about him — the way he spoke to me and was recruiting me like he was thinking about my future. Not just as a player he could use to help win games.”

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