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6-foot-6 junior OT John Young already knows UGA has locked down an official visit

John Young, a 6-foot-6 prospect out of Kentucky, says UGA will get one of his five official visits.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings several days each week. The play-by-play for the recent John Young visit will go light on subtlety and just fire off the ball. 

Let’s open the DawgNation file on John Young file with an appreciation for his very “offensive” sounding name. It is only “offensive” in really just one way: It’s a great offensive-lineman-sounding name.

It is short and low on flash but rich in blue-collar and lunch pail elements. John Young sounds like a few guys who are already on “The Wall of Georgia” for Sam Pittman.

Ben Cleveland. Owen Condon. Trey Hill. Cade Mays. Clay Webb. Justin Shaffer. Andrew Thomas. Xavier Truss. That really does read like the four-syllables-or-less club.

There are not a lot of trust funders or silver spoons in that bunch.

The visit this past weekend went well for both parties. The Bulldogs did well to secure one of his three remaining officials. Kentucky and Ohio State are set to claim the other two.

Let’s take him at his word there. He sure sounds like he says what he means and means what he says.

His junior film from a 15-0 state championship team will pop up later below. Those clips will reflect how he plays with just the right kind of nasty.

Georgia O-line coach Sam Pittman has already made a strong and quick impression on John Young. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Young even said he already admires the way Mays plays the game. Watch that film. It will make sense after that.

When he plays to the whistle, it might take a Kryptonian’s super-hearing to hear that echo from the stripes.

“I’ve got a couple of personal fouls for the officials not letting me play through the whistles which is just how I like to play,” Young said.

The nation’s No. 22 OT prospect (per the 247Sports Composite ratings) hails from Louisville. He’ll measure right at the 6-foot-6 mark and tip the scale at 285 pounds.

His skill set flashes the same aggression and versatility that Mays offered the UGA line last year.

With the Bulldogs looking to sign approximately four offensive linemen in a thrifty signing class, those traits work in his favor.

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The 6-foot-6 things about the John Young visit 

He made several statements that will be of interest to DawgNation. Let’s just rattle them off and not compose a story like it was written by Thurston Thornton Helmsley IV or anything like that.

He said he has known Pittman for about a week or so. But he already considers him one of his favorite coaches on the trail.

“It was an amazing visit,” Young said. “It really was. I got to meet players, coaches, and everybody and get a feel for this city which was just awesome. Really a great visit, of course. They are one of my top schools and I can’t wait to get back.”

What is he looking for?

“Phenomenal school academics-wise and phenomenal school football-wise,” he said. “Half and half. You know of course I want a good culture where ever I am going but at the end of the day if it is great academics and it is great football then you really can’t go wrong. “

Young got to hang with Mays over the weekend.

Kentucky 4-star OL John Young had a strong first unofficial visit to UGA over the weekend. (John Young/Contributed photo)


“I’m a little taller than Cade and I’ve got a little longer wingspan,” he said. “So with that, my body is more built to play tackle than anything else. But of course, at a school like Georgia where everybody is that size in the SEC, I’ve got no problem going into guard.”

He picked a good weekend for his first UGA trip. There was a lot of buzz with Justin Robinson and Carson Beck committing.

John Young on the schools he is considering now

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