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Jeff Sentell/DawgNation
4-star Texas OT prospect Chad Lindberg got some extended 1-on-1 time with Georgia line coach Sam Pittman over the last few days.

Elite Texas OT Chad Lindberg can see himself being very successful at UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings at least four days a week. The play sheet today calls for a visit recap with 6-foot-6 Texas OT Chad Lindberg.

Chad Lindberg visited UGA last Thursday. It was basically a ghost campus.

Everyone had scooted South to find themselves a fishing hole, a weight room or a beach. Or all of the above.

That suited Sam Pittman and Lindberg just fine. Those two had a lot of one-on-one time along the visit. When asked to name what he liked best about Georgia coming out of that visit, the 6-foot-6 Texan kept it simple.

“Sam Pittman,” Lindberg replied.

When asked to name the second-best thing, Lindberg couldn’t really equate any one thing.

But he did also note the food in Athens in really good. That’s the type of line in a story that deserves an emoji. Especially since we are writing about an offensive tackle who’s been to “Five” more than some UGA freshmen by now.

Chad Lindberg-UGA recruiting-Georgia recruiting
Chad Lindberg visited UGA for the second time last Thursday.  His next trip will “probably” be a spring official. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

“Been there twice now and I could live off the uptown shrimp,” he said.

With that, he passed the polygraph for any offensive line prospect. When they bring up the food, they are speaking the truth.

There were a lot of things for the nation’s No. 8 OT prospect did mention, though.

“It wasn’t a typical trip except for going to the stadium,” he told DawgNation. “Ninety percent of the time was talking football in the office.”

Pittman was in his answer about how he felt about UGA after the visit. That name popped again in regard to what he learned the most about the program on this specific tour.

When asked what he was thinking about as his car pulled away from the facility, it wasn’t a broken record. This is 2019. Let’s call it a playlist answer on repeat.

“An answer to all three is I could see myself playing for Georgia under coach Pittman and being very successful,” he said.

Given his status as a major recruit, he’s done this many times. he 247Sports “Crystal Balls” all point him to his home state Longhorns. He even made a trip to UGA last April. Georgia coach Kirby Smart sat down and chatted with him for at least 30 minutes about academics.

“I’ve done this full visit before,” he told DawgNation. “This was really just talking with Coach Pittman the whole time. He knows how to produce NFL guys.”

This was a real visit. Lots of talking ball. Lindberg said he didn’t even bother to take any pics on this trip.

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Chad Linberg breaks down why Sam Pittman is so effective 

Pittman is highly effective on the trail. His guys connect with him. When his players at Arkansas went to his house and begged him to turn down the Georgia job, this was probably what everyone should have expected to see in Athens.

It has.

It became pretty much standard for folks to read something along those lines in this space around December of 2017. Offensive line recruit really impressed by Sam Pittman. That seems like par now for every story about a Pittman target.

Sam Pittman-UGA recruiting-Georgia recruiting
Sam Pittman. An effective tool for UGA in the recruiting process of another elite OL prospect. This trend has been going strong since 2017. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

That was in the Isaiah Wilson story and the Andrew Thomas stories. The same for E.J. Price. Then came Owen Condon, Cade Mays, Warren Ericson, Trey Hill and Jamaree Salyer in 2018.

Warren McClendon, Xavier Truss and Clay Webb all basically said “Amen” to that in 2019.

It is akin to traffic on GA Hwy. 316 on gamedays. It kind of hogs the road in every O-line recruit’s story.

Somewhere along every discussion about depth at a certain spot and a film review, it seems like a great number of these young men find themselves wanting to play for him. That’s even before they hear about his track record with NFL guys.

Why is Pittman so good at this? It seems like every recruit has their own answer here.

Lindberg has his own there.

“His recent history of turning high potential, low skill guys into first-round picks,” Lindberg told DawgNation. “He’s figured out how to develop.”

The position fit at Georgia sounds typical with the 2020 class. Look for the Bulldogs to sign four offensive linemen. A fifth would be a prospect the program just could not turn away. The sampling of feedback would be that two tackles and two combo guard-tackles would be the ideal.

“Pittman sees me as a tackle mainly but plays his guys all around the ball,” Lindberg told DawgNation.

How hard will it be for Lindberg to leave Texas? The feeling out there is it might take a monster recruiting effort to get him away from Texas, Texas A&M or Oklahoma or anywhere in Big 12 country.

Is that reality? Does he want to play close to home?

“It’s not a huge factor to me because it is not like you really have a lot of time to go home except for times that everyone goes home,” he said.”

Breaking down Chad Lindberg’s Texas-sized GPA

To sum the visit up, this wasn’t the first time where he felt that he could see himself at a place like UGA.

“I’ve felt the same way now but this solidified it,” Lindberg said.

He told DawgNation back in January that UGA was just off his top-tier group.

The reason being was that other schools simply recruited him harder. Well, that changed once the 2019 class was signed. 

Lindberg said he would “probably” do a spring official to UGA. That makes G-Day an ideal save the date there. He has very few questions now about the program after his latest visit.

“I’d like to see a game if I can,” he said.

When we previewed the Lindberg visit last week, the biggest response from readers on Twitter was his Texas-sized GPA. There must have been at least 35 responses to it across the various email, message board or social channels.

The 5.43 GPA caught more attention than his 55-plus heaves with the shot put. Lindberg was asked to kindly share a little more light on that one.

He even provided his class standing at Clear Creek High in East Texas.

“We’re on a 6.0 scale,” he explained. “Its actually gone down to a 5.38 but I rank 27 out of 581.”

Travon Walker is going to be a problem in the SEC

We’re going to curate a few interesting social media posts from over the weekend.

Let’s first take a look at another eye-opening workout reel from 5-star signee Travon Walker. He’s working here with former Georgia Bulldog Marcus Howard.

The part where he goes through the bags is where one must remind themselves that they are looking at a 6-foot-5 and 290-ish pound defensive tackle prospect. He was rated as the nation’s No. 2 DT prospect for the 2020 cycle by the 247Sports composite.

Nation’s No. 1 OT for 2020 (and Ohio State commit) visits

Paris Johnson Jr. has been committed to Ohio State since June of 2018. He’s one of the cornerstones of what should be a very strong class for the Buckeyes in this cycle.

He’s rated as the nation’s No. 1 OT and the No. 4 overall prospect for 2020 on the composite. Johnson visited UGA while on a tour of the Southeast with other Ohio-based prospects.

The 6-foot-7.5, 300-pound prospect tweeted out several pics from his UGA visit.

He also visited Tennessee as well. I’m not totally sold on the mutual interest there with UGA and Johnson. At least not yet.

But I can see where these moves made by a true anchor recruit for the Ohio State class might start to wear on that program. It doesn’t seem like a move that long-time commits like Johnson used to do when they were committed to the Buckeyes.

Especially for a young man from the state of Ohio. I’d have to think this is part of the “wait and see” for that elite program under first-year full-time head coach Ryan Day.

Remember all that stuff we wrote about Sam Pittman earlier? He is also recruiting Paris Johnson, Jr. for the program, too. That visit went well. There’s no doubt about. Will UGA get a second? Will that trip not be connected along a series of other trips?

That’s when things will start to get serious.

What 5-star RB Kendall Milton tweeted caught some eyes

The Johnson tweet was interesting and it will be interesting to see what develops there. He’s seen as a prospect that doesn’t have a huge library of tape just yet.

But what I found to be even more intriguing was the retweet quote sent Johnson’s way by 5-star California RB Kendall Milton. Milton has basically been hearing from UGA every day since last fall.

Did you see what the nation’s No. 1 RB did? 

Houston 5-star Zachary Evans is a special back. He briefly grabbed the nation’s No. 1 overall recruit title from Maryland 5-star DE Bryan Bresee earlier this year.

The 5-foot-11, 200-pounded posted a strong 135.84 testing score at the Houston regional on Sunday. That’s big. The Opening will take center stage in Atlanta this coming Sunday as well.

But the pro agility showing was what really stood out for me. It takes a special athlete to crack 4.10 seconds in the 5-10-5 event. Evans posted a 3.91 showing at a junior in 2018.

Georgia receiver signee Dominick Blaylock timed a 4.0 last year. Elite junior WR target Jermaine Burton came up with a 4.26 in 2018 and 4.13 in 2019. 5-star freshman OLB Nolan Smith put up a 4.15 at 234 pounds in near-freezing temps in 2018.

That should place into perspective what that 3.84 means with Evans. That seems like a pre-qualification for ninja school for me.

Ninja school for Jermaine Burton?

It feels right to close with the topic of ninja school and boys will be boys and Jermaine Burton. This Instagram post reminds me of some of the tomfooleries I was guilty of growing up around swimming pools.

Let’s set aside the parenting moment here for Burton. This is an impressive running broad jump with more than a smidge of fear factor and consequences attached to it.

Burton has certainly been a top 5 receiver for me in any class since last summer. He won the “Fastest Man Challenge” at the Atlanta Opening regional last March.

What did he have to prove by that? Well, it seems he knows how to create a viral highlight.


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