WATCH: Dream school or schools? What happened with Florida? Carson Beck breaks it down

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Why did Carson Beck choose Georgia? He told his local "First Coast News" exactly why.

Carson Beck committed to Georgia over the weekend. The whirlwind courtship spiked with a Feb. 27 offer.

That led to a hurry-up visit and a speed dating commitment on March 3.

“Um, this is going to be awkward,” Beck said. “I actually grew up a Florida fan but once I hit middle school Georgia was actually like the dream school I wanted to go to for football. My head coach was a Georgia fan. My offensive coordinator was a Georgia fan and the quarterback coach. Our defensive line coach, who was a really great friend of my dads, was a Georgia fan.”

“So that’s why I kind of started heading up there and the first time that I ever went up there I fell in love with the place.”

Hmm. If that’s the case, then why did he name Florida his leader?

That was also very interesting.

“So I had obviously named Florida my leader and I kind of just put that out there to say like ‘Hey this is the team that is coming at me the hardest. This is the team where I feel like I could see myself at’ but also I had two schools kind of like in the back of my head – one of those being Georgia – where if I got that offer I would pause for a second and say ‘OK, hold on. I got to kind of take this in.'”

“So I visited up there and it was absolutely awesome and everything that I expected.”

He said that Georgia just seemed like the program that was going to surround him with top-tier personnel all across the offense. In his estimation, he said he saw that at running back, across the offensive line and at receiver.

“But at the end of the day I just chose the best fit for me,” Beck said.

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